One of the best things about WWE under the Triple H era is the interconnectivity. NXT no longer feels like it’s a separate universe. Wrestlers are now remembering past feuds, their history, and recent events. Sometimes, this little detail can take you to unexpected places, such as what happened during AJ Styles’s promo on the latest episode of Raw.

The Judgment Day were doing their usual segment, and Dominik Mysterio took the microphone. He compared himself to the late great Eddie Guerrero, which got a lot of heat from the live audience. Dominik even told the crowd that Eddie Guerrero was only a past iteration of himself. Before he could say anything else, AJ Styles and the OC cut him off.

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In response to his words, AJ Styles told Dominik that he is no Eddie Guerrero. In fact, if he could compare Dominik to anyone, the closest would be James Ellsworth. It got a loud reaction from the commentators and audience who remember James. Even Judgment Day seemed triggered by the comparison.

Who is James Ellsworth?

During AJ Styles’s first year with WWE, he quickly became the WWE Champion. During his feud with Dean Ambrose (now AEW’s Jon Moxley), he got a mystery tag partner, who turned out to be James Ellsworth. Back then, he was a no-named jobber that really got a lot of attention from the crowd. It led him to sign a contract with WWE, maintaining a long-term storyline with Styles during his tenure.

Notably, James Ellsworth became AJ Styles’ foil during his time as champion. He earned his WWE contract by defeating Styles. He later beat him on two other occasions, which got him a title shot. It happened because Ambrose kept interfering in matches, costing Styles the victory. However, during their final match in December 2016, Ellsworth was defeated in under a minute by the champion.

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During the latter part of his career, he worked with Carmella. He stayed with the company until 2018, when he was released. Ellsworth was very thankful for his time in WWE, calling it a dream come true. He would then retire from professional wrestling, having achieved his dream.

James Ellsworth Response to AJ Styles

Following the promo, a clip of James Ellsworth watching that episode of Raw went viral. He was surprised AJ called him in the promo and even spat out his beer. Afterward, he went on social media and shared a photo of him and Styles. He reminisced the storyline on SmackDown and was very happy that he heard his name on TV.

The OC and Judgment Day Come to a Head

The OC, which consists of AJ Styles and the Good Brothers, will face Judgment Day at the Premium Live Event Crown Jewel. The event will be in Saudi Arabia, as with previous Crown Jewels. Judgment Day looks to be the favorite following the end of this episode. While the OC can deal with Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and Dominik Mysterio, they have yet to find an answer for Rhea Ripley.

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