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Being a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) commentator is certainly not your ordinary job. They give the viewers a deeper understanding when it comes to wrestling. In addition, they also give entertainment and trivia about the WWE stars.

However, who is the best and richest among them? Let’s get to know who are the current top 5 richest WWE commentators. The list going to be based on their overall net worth from ITN WWE.

Top 5 Richest Commentators
5. Corey Graves – $3 million 
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A professional wrestler turned wrestling commentator in WWE. Graves had his WWE wrestling debut in 2006 until his retirement in 2014. Not long after his retirement, he came to WWE, not for the ring but in front of a microphone.

He joined RAW and NXT’s announce team. Moreover, his knowledge and experience in wrestling certainly help a lot whenever he does commentate.

4. Michael Cole – $4 million
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Cole was a former journalist and reporter for CBS news. However, he changed his career and switched to being a professional commentator in the WWE in 1997.

In his more than 2 decades in the business, he has commentate on several shows already. He appeared in Raw, Reality of Wrestling, and is currently in SmackDown. This makes him an already pro in this career.

3. Booker T – $5 million
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The legendary WWE professional wrestler Booker T also turned into a professional commentator. He was also a six-time World Champion, an 11-time WCW Tag Team Champion, a WWE Hall of Famer, and more. Can you all that sucka?

His legacy goes on in the commentary scene. As he is also currently part of the hosts in WWE Backstage. Therefore, his knowledge and experience in wrestling helped in his new career.

2. Wade Barrett – $7 Million
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Barrett is a British actor, a former professional wrestler, and a professional wrestling commentator. He was WWE’s first King of the Ring back in 2015. Moreover, he is now a commentator and analyst in WWE’s NXT.

1. Pat McAfee – $8 million
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On top of them, all is Pat McAfee. He was a football player in the National Football League (NFL) and then turned into a professional wrestling commentator. Later on, he had his show in the WWE “Pat McAfee Show” and then appeared in different shows too.

McAfee later joined the NXT TakeOver XXX, SmackDown, and WrestleMania as a commentator. He certainly has a lot to offer as he already appeared in a lot of shows in the WWE.

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