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April 4, 2022 – The Indian Wrestler finally found his way home into the WWE RAW! For months, Veer Mahaan has been hyped by the internet for his supposed return to the squared circle this year.

Rinku Singh Rajput or most commonly known in WWE as Veer Mahaan is a professional wrestler who was also a former baseball player. Veer hailed from India and got the nickname “Lion” due to his terrifying looks and outstanding presence.

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Yesterday, Veer surprised Monday night RAW with an unexpected appearance in a fight between the Miz and Dominick Mysterio. The Miz won against Mysterio but skedaddled immediately after seeing the angry Veer Mahaan walking towards the stage.

It was an unfortunate night for the two Mysterios (Rey and his son, Dominick) as they face the wrath of Mahaan just moments after losing to The Miz. The Indian Lion was unstoppable, putting both the Mysterios to sleep. Even though Dominick was already tapping out, the referee still could not do a single thing.

Veer Mahaan choking Dominick Mysterio, Photo Courtesy of WWE

Veer Mahaan gave out a strong performance and could open up a huge storyline in WWE. It would be satisfying to watch Veer Mahaan battle against some of the A-listers in the league. Who do you think should take the center stage with Mahaan?

On the other hand, the famous Cody Rhodes also returns to RAW and meets Seth Rollins face-to-face on stage.

After an emotional speech Cody gave in honor of his father, Dusty Rhodes, Seth “Freaking” Rollins suddenly pops up and comes into the stage. Cody just stood there while Seth danced around. Surprisingly, there was no exchange of words but only an awkward handshake at the end. What could this possibly mean?

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, Photo Courtesy of WWE
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