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Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is not done with allegations as previous news of him raping a female referee come to light. Read on to find out more about Vince McMahon accused of rape by WWE’s first female referee.

DISCLAIMER: This article mentions rape and sexual assault

Rita Chatterton accuses Vince McMahon of rape

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In 1992, Rita Chatterton came forward with her claims of being raped by Vince McMahon while she was in a limousine with him. Furthermore, Chatterton claims that all this happened in 1986.

During an interview with Geraldo Rivera, an American journalist who previously hosted his show called The Geraldo Show, Chatterton reveals she was raped by McMahon. However, Chatterton denied pressing chargers against McMahon. To add to her burden, the statute of limitations for rape had ended at the time of the revelation.

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Due to the timing of Chatterton’s interview, people did not pay too much attention on McMahon forcing himself on the female referee. When the interview aired, the WWF (now rebranded as WWE) was already dealing with controversies and scandals left and right.

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An ex-wrestler comes forward to back up allegations of McMahon raping a female referee

For years after Rita Chatterton came forward, the wrestling community somehow forgot about the whole issue. However, ex-wrestler Leonard Inzitari, AKA Mario Mancini, has stepped forward to back up Chatterton’s claims.

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After the New York Magazine published a story on Chatterton, they were able to talk to Inzitari. He is the first person to support Chatterton’s accusations against McMahon.

Speaking to journalist Abe Riesman, Inzitari recalls the time when Chatterton told him all about the assault. This also happened in 1986, sometime after McMahon raped Chatterton.

According to Inzitari, he found the female referee standing near the wrestling ring before the show started. Then, she looks at Inzitari before bursting into tears and grabbing the ex-wrestler.

And as soon as Chatterton says she was in a limousine with McMahon, the ex-wrestler immediately knows what got her so upset.

The female referee proceeds to tell Inzitari about what happened when she was in that limo with Vince McMahon. According to Chatterton, McMahon assaulted her the whole time they were in the back of his limousine.

To make matters worse, McMahon used Chatterton’s job as leverage over her so he could get what he wanted from the female referee.

“If I wanted a half-a-million-dollar-a-year-contract, I had to satisfy him.”

After McMahon allegedly raped Chatterton, the female referee no longer made appearances in the WWF. Additionally, Inzitari told Chatterton that her time’s numbered when she confided in him.

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WWE now faces several misconduct claims

Recently, Vince McMahon “voluntarily stepped back” as the CEO and Chairperson of WWE. These claims come after WWE’s board began investigating payments made by McMahon to former female employees.

Some of these former female employees also made accusations of misconduct and sexual assault against McMahon and the head of talent relations. Additionally, The Wall Street Journal reports that these payments are to keep these former employees from speaking up.

Chatterton also tells the New York Magazine that she is hopeful about this probe on McMahon. “I’m sure others will come forward. Because we’re not the only two. There’s not a doubt in my mind about that,” Chatteron expressed.

Rita Chatterton is known as the first female referee in the WWF (now WWE).

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You can read the full report from New York Magazine here.

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