X Updates Policy: Can you keep adult content away from kids?

X Updates Policy: Can you keep adult content away from kids?

Adult content is now subject to a new policy on social networking site X. This update from X allows users to share consensually produced adult content for the first time.

The new policy prioritizes user control. Content deemed “adult” must be properly labeled before being posted. In addition, users will receive a content warning prior to viewing the published piece. Thanks to this, users can choose not to access the content at all.

However, concerns have been raised that the current efforts might not be sufficient to prevent minors from seeing adult content. Some users have reported readily seeing adult content on X. This raises concerns about the new policy’s effectiveness. Additionally, some people wonder if this sudden move by X is just the first step towards a stricter policy in the future.

Potential Issues

  • While X has implemented securities, some users might find ways to bypass them.
  • Despite age verification systems, some minors might create accounts or access content through other means.

What X Can Do

  • X can invest in more advanced AI to detect and remove content that violates their policies, particularly content that exploits or endangers minors.
  • Creating parental control options would allow guardians or parents to restrict access to specific content categories for their children’s accounts.

What Users Can Do

  • Users can report any content that violates X’s community guidelines, including content that is sexually suggestive in nature or exploits minors.
  • Parents and guardians should have open conversations with their children about online safety and responsible social media use.

Major competitors like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have stricter limitations on adult content than X. While some users may welcome the increased freedom of expression, others may find the platform less appealing due to the presence of adult content, even with the implemented warnings.

X policy about adult content


Can a kid still access this content on X?

X prioritizes user safety, especially for minors. The platform implements several measures to restrict access to adult content:

  1. Age Verification: Users must be 18 or older to create an account on X.
  2. Content Labeling and Warnings: Adult content will be clearly labeled, and users will be required to acknowledge a content warning before viewing it.
  3. Parental Controls (unconfirmed): X may offer parental control options in the future.

It’s important to remember that no system is flawless. Parents and guardians should still use extra parental control settings on their children’s devices and monitor what their children are doing online.

How can I opt out of seeing adult content?

X is developing features that allow users to opt out of seeing adult content altogether. In the meantime, you can remove seeing explicit content by following these steps:

  • Open account on X> More> Settings> Privacy and safety> Content you see> Uncheck- Display media that may contain sensitive content.
  • Content you see> Search settings> Check- Hide sensitive content.
  • You may also delete the X app so your kids do not use them at all.

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