Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is an integral part of Microsoft’s video-game related offerings right now. The service has brought together many gamers, both casual and hardcore, to try out new gamers more frequently than before. Through Xbox Game Pass, many smaller games and indie games have got the exposure and people have actually started noticing these games. Descenders is one of such games.

No More Robots founder Mike Rose shared on Twitter how Xbox Game Pas has helped their game, Descenders, achieve stellar sales performance and popularity. “I cannot stress how incredible Xbox Game Pass has ended up being for Descenders,” Rose wrote. “It’s elevated the game to heights we couldn’t have imagined.

“We also just signed a new Game Pass deal for the game, so it’s gonna be in Game Pass for a looong time to come.”

When Descenders’ sales before Game Pass were compared to last week’s sales, the game is selling around five times as many units each week. The frequency is weekly. “If I take the month before we went into Game Pass, and compared it to sales of the game last week, we’re now selling around 5 times as many units each week as pre-Game Pass, on a weekly basis,” Rose wrote.

Since we went into Game Pass, our total Xbox sales have TRIPLED – Mike Rose

Xbox Game Pass’ intentions to allow players to have open access to a wide range of games for the same price has actually worked out well. Mike explains, “I think Descenders has benefitted so much because it’s maybe not the game you’d see on a shelf and pay for, to the average person — but if you were told “you can play any game on this shelf for free”, you’d be more likely to pick it up, then end up telling your friends to play.”

Descenders is currently the eight most popular game on Xbox Game Pass, which is a huge achievement for No More Robots.

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