Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022

Games! Who is up for new games? We are, and if you let us, we’ll let fill you in for some fun! Okay, first things first, are you using Xbox Game Pass? That’s pretty much what we have here, but if you are just curious, we welcome you still, just stick around with us. We got you a list of Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022. Just to briefly pass what’s Xbox Game Pass is, a gaming subscription powered by Microsoft. Expect a huge catalog of games when you subscribe to the service. So get your competitive sides ready because October is just around the corner, and we’ll start now!

Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022

Leaks and rumors may probably come along the way if ever-surprising new game drops are to happen. We have to wait for that perhaps. So as we near, and come into October, we can expect a few predictions as well for what games are to arrive, may it be free or paid. So stick around with us until then!

Going back, seven headlining game titles are free to access for Xbox Game Pass users. These games would probably be enough to keep you on your gaming computer and consoles for the rest of the month. So shall we start the list? We’ll have it listed depending on the day of its release *wink*

Coral Island (October 11)

  • Perfect for PC players who wants a laidback game to enjoy. Coral Island is a farming sim game on a beautiful island inspired by the classics. Build your (probably) dream farm, meet lots (expect around 40) of different people, and customize your character.
Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022 CORAL ISLAND
Image Courtesy of Stairway Games
  • Get the game on Xbox Game Pass and play it on your PCs on October 11. Make Coral Island the best place to stay at! You can participate in community projects, and explore caverns where monsters lurk. Stairway Games made Coral Island happen, and maybe you can find your true love there too! *hehe* Know more about the game here!

Eville (October 11)

  • Same day release with Coral Island, Eville drops on the 11th, but with a different genre. You have to keep your mind working, and learn to observe your surroundings when you step foot in Eville. You must keep talking to people to know who is on your side. Today’s generation’s game looks like a Mafia Game, where you have to act like you’re not the mafia, but you’re the one with the evil background, something like that.
Xbox Game Pass free games October 2022 EVILLE
Image Courtesy of Eville
  • Anyway, in Eville, you’ll be randomly chosen to be one of the following: Thief, Detective, Axe Murderer, Shape Shifter, Ghost Whisperer, Slanderer, Trapper, or Mayor. Are you up for the challenge? Play it on your Console or PC and conspire with other people who are the mastermind of the crime. Check out their official website to know more!

A Plague Tale: Requiem (October 18)

  • Adding another one on the Xbox Game Pass free games on October 2022, in the following week, you’ll get to encounter another game that offers a different journey. Explore a new island where you need to save your brother, so prepare for a heart-wrenching story on the side. But of course, it wouldn’t be that easy, and there may be some supernatural forces roaming around too.
Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022 REQUIEM
Image Courtesy of Focus Entertainment
  • Join Amicia and Hugo in this adventure of a lifetime. This is a sequel to the award-winning game, A Plague Tale: Innocence. Although you may want to take caution playing because most of the battles do involve blood-shedding. Get the game on October 18th and play it on your Console, PC, and Cloud!

Persona 5 Royal (October 21)

  • Up for some Japanese anime game? Well, Atlus and SEGA’s Persona 5 Royal, abbreviated as P5R comes to Xbox Game Pass on October 21st. Take note that this game is for mature audiences only as it involves, blood, drug reference, sexual themes and nudity, strong language, and violence. Are you ready to explore the city of Tokyo as a high school student? Oh, by the way, you can choose the voiceover between English and Japanese.
Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022 PERSONA 5 ROYAL
Image Courtesy of Xbox
  • This award-winning game is a role-playing and single-player game perfect for anime lovers who are gamers too! Be the Phantom Thief, customize your Den, and save others from the injustices and distorted desires. Get your Console or PC, and enjoy the journey. You may want to check out their website if you are curious about the game, here it goes!

Scorn (October 21)

  • We made it sure from the first game that these games will be of different genres, right? We’ve been repetitive about it, so here’s another one. If you’re into horror, you may love this free game that’s arriving on October 21st. Once you download the game, we hope you know what you’re about to experience. It is somewhat of a nightmare type you’re in another world, a scarier world. You can read more about the game here!
Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022 SCORN
Image Courtesy of Scorn
  • Scorn is a first-person game that may probably add the chills while exploring the dream-like world you are in. And while you’re setting yourself up for the worst (worst scare maybe), you have to solve puzzles and challenges in every location you encounter. There is no concrete line or road you can go, just explore, and then you’ll find yourself in a location, so you’ll meet other… people, creatures, or supernatural beings? See for yourself, play it on your Console, PC, and Cloud!

Gunfire Reborn (October 27)

  • Alright, down to the last two in the list of Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022, say hello to Gunfire Reborn. Does anyone want to fight in a first-person shooter video game? Because we do! Duoyi Network’s Gunfire Reborn sets to arrive on October 27th in the Game Pass. Tell your gaming buddy to come over on the 27th to play this multiplayer indie game. Check out the game information on their website!
Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022 GUNFIRE REBORN
Image Courtesy of 505 Games
  • Choose your hero to play with in this level-adventure game. And speaking of levels, expect a unique experience for each level you’ll arrive at. Different heroes, new weapons, and items waiting for you, so shall we meet you in the first level in October? We have our Consoles ready, so we hope you are ready too. See you, heroes!

Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022: Signalis (October 27)

  • Last but not the least, we have here Signalis. We’re ending the list with another horror game, probably because Halloween’s coming near! Are you ready to experience the classic horror game but in the Cold War setup with a dash of Sci-Fi on the side? Ready your Console, PC, and Cloud for this one!
Xbox Game Pass free games for October 2022 SIGNALIS
Image Courtesy of Signalis
  • The horror experience of Signalis is tied to dark secrets, puzzle solving, and nightmare creatures while you help Elster find her lost dream. Oh, if you’re curious but you want to try, maybe have a friend or sibling over who’ll be there to laugh at you. Kidding! To be there to maybe help and comfort you when things get a little too creepy. Humble Games prepared this game for you, so read more here!

Subscribed already? We’ll see you in the games, players!

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