This year is an event for celebration as it marks the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand. Microsoft has been putting up a series of events commemorating this joyous occasion. With famous personalities such as the Rock participating in festivities and the release of esteemed exclusives such as Halo Infinite and Starfield, the gaming behemoth has been celebrating its brand in a grandiose way since last year.

Another exciting component has been the giveaway, they form one of the highlight features of Xbox festivities. And guess what the most recent giveaway promises to rewards fans who had already registered for Xbox Fanfests.

The Xbox Vault: How To Win Limited Edition Prizes

Over the course of twenty glorious years since its debut in the gaming industry, the Xbox brand has been no stranger to freebies. They frequently collaborate with prominent media outlets like Marvel, Blizzard, and even Taco Bell, by giving away themed controllers, consoles, and various other products.

While Microsoft has a history of freebies, for its 20th anniversary, the corporation has amped up its promotional efforts and they are rewarding fans who registered for previous Xbox Fanfests by randomly giving away bundles of Xbox items. Now that doesn’t that sounds exciting!

Keepsake Kit

Xbox named this giveaway the “Keepsake Kit” and already many fans have received the same in their mail. This randomly selected giveaway consists of the following:

  • The halo-inspired theme of Xbox Series X/S controller.
  • Twelve months’ worth of Game Pass Ultimate.
  • A fully customized crystal plaque that highlights the Gamertag of the recipient.

Moreover, the gaming company has gone ahead a mile to include a thanking note for their unending support and involvement in Xbox’s 20-year-old journey.

20th Anniversary

The Xbox’s twentieth anniversary also overlaps with a new release in the Halo franchise, the console’s first and one of the most successful titles.  The Xbox brand’s 20th anniversary has been one of the greatest gaming events of 202.

The anniversary broadcast made broadcast last week included lots of new major announcements about the console’s future. From adding 76 games to backward compatibility for the Xbox Series X to the debut of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta, Xbox’s 20th-anniversary celebration was a chance for the company to look forward as well as back.

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