Xbox giving away limited-edition Barbie console – How to join

how to enter the Xbox Barbie console giveaway

We have some thrilling news for all the gaming enthusiasts and Barbie fans! Xbox has joined forces with Warner Bros. Pictures and Mattel to create a remarkable collaboration that combines gaming and fashion, mainly Barbie fashion. This partnership aims to celebrate the highly anticipated release of the new movie “Barbie.” Hence, this collaboration brings forth an array of exclusive content and goodies for fans. In this article, we will share how to join the Xbox X Barbie limited-edition console giveaway and get a chance to own this unique piece of gaming history. Get ready to embark on a fun and fashionable journey this summer!

Xbox and Barbie Team Up: How to get the
limited-edition Barbie Xbox Console 

Xbox is going all out to celebrate the upcoming release of the “Barbie” movie, and they have something truly special in store for gaming and Barbie enthusiasts alike. Xbox has unveiled a breathtaking custom Xbox Series S console inspired by the Barbie world.

  • This limited-edition console fulfills the dreams of fans who want to embrace their love for gaming and Barbie’s iconic style.

  • Painted in a vibrant and eye-catching pink hue, the Xbox Series S console has been expertly crafted to capture the essence of Barbie’s glamour and fashion-forward personality.
  • But it doesn’t stop there – this unique console is ingeniously built into a replica of Barbie’s Dreamhouse, complete with all the details that make it the ultimate dream destination.

Exclusive Barbie-Themed Prizes from Xbox!

We know you are excited about this news, but Xbox has even more to offer!

  • Xbox has designed a range of real-life promotional items that fans can win through an international sweepstake.
  • Among the prizes are ten different Xbox-themed Barbie dolls, each reflecting the diverse Barbie line. But that’s not all!
  • You can also get a chance to win Barbie-themed Xbox Wireless Controller faceplates and the truly stunning custom Barbie Xbox Series S console, housed within its very own Barbie Dreamhouse.

How to Get the Custom Barbie Xbox Series S Console: Enter the Exclusive Giveaway!

Xbox has not fully disclosed the exact details of the giveaway, including entry methods and participation guidelines. But fear not! Keep a close watch on Microsoft Xbox’s official social media channels for the latest updates and announcements regarding the giveaway.

Where and When is the Giveaway?

  • What we do know is that the giveaway starts on July 10. You can participate in the sweepstakes to win the limited-edition Xbox X Barbie console.
  • It will be held on Xbox’s Twitter page and Microsoft Rewards.
  • Along with the console, you can personalize your gaming setup with Xbox Wireless Controller faceplates inspired by Barbie and Ken’s stylish on-screen outfits, adding a touch of glamour to your gaming experience.

The Xbox X Barbie console is a sight to behold. Both gaming and Barbie enthusiasts have their dreams come true with their vibrant pink design and incorporation into the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse.


With the exclusive Barbie-themed Xbox prizes and the highly coveted custom Barbie Xbox Series S console, fans can own a piece of gaming history and showcase their love for Barbie and Xbox. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of fun, fashion, and gaming this summer!

Stay tuned for updates on how to enter the Xbox Barbie console giveaway by following Microsoft Xbox’s social media channels.

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