Reasons to consider buying the upcoming Xbox One X than a PlayStation 4 Pro.

At E3 2017 Microsoft unveiled world’s most powerful gaming console ever, the Xbox One X, which is clearly going to compete with Sony‘s already out PS4 Pro. So, what makes the new console from Microsoft so different and worth your hard-earned money? Here’s why it is totally worth it.


Hardware-Most Powerful ever in a Console

Hardware is what we first talk about when it comes to Power, and the Xbox One X does it absolutely right. Just the hardware puts it in a far superior level than the PS4 Pro. With 6 Teraflops of processing power(4.2 0n PS4 Pro) and 12GB Memory(8GB on PS4 Pro) it is a beast of a console. It also has a 4K/HDR Blu-Ray drive compared to Sony’s standard Blu-Ray/DVD on the Pro. The X also has better cooling as more power needs more cooling so you need not to worry about overheating.

Games-Better backwards compatibility with older Xbox One titles

One of the key selling point for X is native 4K Gaming and not just newer games to come after the consoles release most of the older One titles would be playable in native 4K including the Exclusives as the console is backwards compatible with all of these older titles. The additional horsepower will also enable games to run on much higher Framerates than ever before.

Development-Easier and faster

With Xbox One X the difference between consoles and PCs seems to have blurred out. What this means is that with more powerful hardware Game development is going to be much easier and faster in future as studios won’t need to optimize their games to run on inferior hardware. This will also attract more Developers towards the Xbox One X because of its simpler architecture and powerful hardware. We may also see newer exclusives from newer developers.mi

With just $100 more, Xbox One X is a way better deal to pick than the PS4 Pro. It is a future proof console you won’t need to worry upgrading anytime soon or in years to come. With the pre-orders starting today will you be picking one up when it’s out?

Source: ThisGenGaming