xbox series x pre order
Xbox Series X Pre Orders Starting Soon - New Information Leaked

Xbox Series X Pre Orders are starting soon. People who signed up for notifications are already getting messages regarding their console pre-orders. This could mean, Microsoft might release the price for the console very soon.

In a Reddit post on r/XboxSeriesX, u/bruceharryvok shared a screenshot of a message they received from Telstra. For those who don’t know what Telstra is, it is a huge Australian telecommunications company. It signs deals like, say how AT&T signs in the US.

In the text message, Telstra writes –

You’ve signed up to receive information about the Xbox Series X. Pre-order for the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access [more about it below] will open soon. This offer is exclusive to Telstra customers – so you need a postpaid mobile, mobile broadband or home internet service with us. For more information, visit

xbox series x pre order
Xbox Series X Pre Orders Starting Soon – New Information Leaked

Not just them, but other users have claimed to have receive the message as well. According to one, Telstra has exclusive rights to Xbox All Access, which could be a positive indicator.

Telstra offers a plan that allows you to get an Xbox Series X with All Access for a flat monthly fee until the console’s amount is paid off. They don’t charge any interest, according to the OP.

What is Xbox All Access?

Xbox All Access offers you an Xbox console and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Plus, Xbox Live Gold for a flat fee of $19.99 for 24 months. If you bought your Xbox One with All Access you can upgrade to Xbox Series X after 18 months.

Xbox Series X Price Reveal Date?

If pre-orders start in Australia, as Telstra has claimed, we can speculate that should happen by mid-August or the end of the month. If so, we’ll get information on the price of the console as well. Currently, however, there’s no date for when the price will be revealed, nor do we know when exactly the console will be released.

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