Xbox Series X system specifications possibly leaked after Digital Foundry of Eurogamer analyzed upcoming AMD chips possibly powering the new system. Digital Foundry’s analyzation point to the Xbox Series X being more powerful than ever with a calculated fourteen Teraflops. The leaks also point to the upcoming Xbox to be more powerful than the PS5. Which also had its specifications possibly leaked, following suit.

CPU, GPU  and RAM Possible Specifications

The console’s CPU is said to be equipped with eight cores using Zen 2 architecture with no word on clock speeds. On the GPU side of things, however, the Xbox Series X might be getting a graphics card with 56 custom NAVI compute units at ~1700 MHz. Compared to the last generation’s Xbox One X’s 40 GCN4 Polaris compute units running at ~1100 MHz.

Memory capacity for the Xbox Series X has not been disclosed in the leak, but we might be getting a GDDR6 kit running at 580 GB/s compared to last year’s 12GB GDDR5 at 326 GB/s.

Does It Matter?

This is all speculation, this may or may not be what comes out of Microsoft’s labs, but we do not think it matters since the issue with the Xbox has never been its hardware or its software either. It is PlayStation’s exclusive games which give it the ever-so-slight edge when it comes to neck and neck comparisons. Sure, Microsoft has never been shy of great exclusives, take Forza Horizon as an example. Yet the PlayStation has ever so slightly better deals.

What do you think? Is Xbox being on top of the hardware race worth it? Should they invest more energy into securing exclusive games for their consoles? We’re sure not everyone feels the same about anything or everything. So, make sure to let us know your opinion by leaving a comment down below.

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