We have seen quite a bunch of Xbox Series X exclusives so far that’s scheduled to launch alongside the console this holiday season, but its Bloober Team’s The Medium that really stands out.

Big budget horror games are a rarity these days ( if you don’t count the RE remakes) but hopefully that seems to change as we move towards the next generation of consoles.

Revealed during Inside Xbox, The Medium is a psychological, third-person horror game that is set between two different dimensions- the real world and the alternate, scary one.

You play as Marianne, who has the ability to travel between the two worlds. She serves as a medium between these two worlds and hence can have a multitude of perceptions and perspectives about everything.

Bloober Team’s CEO Piotr Babieno stated himself during the press release that the game is all about perspectives and perception. Nothing is as it seems.

focus on perspective and perception. When you change your point of view, you discover that things are more complicated and nuanced than you initially thought.

The uncanny resemblance to the Silent Hill franchise is hard to shake if you watched the trailer. Furthermore, The Bloober Team has even hired Akira Yamoko ( the composer of Silent Hill games) to compose one of the two soundtracks for the game which seems promising.

Also, Producer Jacek Zieba revealed during the post-show interview that the game draws a lot of inspiration from the critically acclaimed Silent Hill 2. Another reason for the fans of that series to hop into The Medium when it launches later, exclusively for Xbox Series X and PC  this holiday season.

The information regarding The Medium is still very scarce but we do know that the game is trying to capture the authenticity of Krakow Poland in the 80s.(the modern-day city where the studio is situated.)

We also know that the game is specifically built for next-gen consoles, as the Xbox Series X powerful SSD allows for a seamless transition between the two different worlds without any loading screen.

It also indicates that perhaps players will be able to switch between the two worlds at any time in the game, rather than at any scripted story moments which may lead to interesting puzzle segments. However this is just a speculation as of now.

A PS5 version of the game hasn’t been confirmed yet, but may launch on Sony’s console later on like Bloober team’s previous titles. It’s also worth noting that The Medium will also be hitting Xbox Game Pass at launch which is always a good thing.

We don’t know whether we will be getting a new Silent Hill game in the future although recent rumor suggests that a Silent Hill reboot is planned exclusively for the PS5.

Since Konami canceled its mysterious P.T after breaking up with Hideo Kojima, the news regarding the same has been downhill. Hopefully The Medium will be able to fill in the void which the P.T. created.

We have also heard multiple rumors surrounding a new Resident Evil game, which is also reported to be revealed sometime in the coming months. Everything indicates that it is surely a good time to be a horror fan.


Are you looking forward to The Medium? Tell me in the comments down below.





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