Consoles such as the PS4, PS5, and the Xbox series run on internal CMOS batteries. The battery keeps the console’s internal clock intact, apart from functioning as a power source. The battery eventually runs out of power over time and dies, and it can be replaced. But there is an issue the console owner might face. When batteries are replaced, the console needs to be authenticated by connecting to its servers.

CMOS Battery Issue

  • If the console’s servers have been taken down before the console’s battery dies, or before the replacement is done, the console and its battery cannot be authenticated. There is a high chance that this might happen.
  • A battery does last long. Within that time, new technology and new generation consoles might replace older ones, and their servers too.
  • This was also an issue that the PS 4 and PS 5 faced, and it was understood that consoles had a chance of becoming unplayable when this happens.
  • Sony released a software update patch this year that solved the issue, and now PS consoles will be able to function even after replacement.

Xbox has also started to work toward fixing similar issues with its consoles so that Xbox owners do not have to worry about the battery dying at some point in the future. In an interview with Axios, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox has said that they are aware that a similar issue can occur in Xbox consoles and that they are working toward a solution.

This is a relief for all Xbox owners. It would allow them to enjoy their games on the same consoles if they would like to do that, even after the internal CMOS battery dies. There will be ab update in the meantime, which will fix this issue with the Xbox.

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