Xian Lim and Kim Chiu Breakup Rumors | Actor Breaks Silence

Xian Lim and Kim Chiu Breakup Rumors | Actor Breaks Silence

Xian Lim has finally broken his silence on the rumors that he and his longtime girlfriend, Kim Chiu, have broken up. The rumor mill has been filled with several celebrity breakup rumors as of late, from Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla to Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez. However, none of them have been proven true until today, and Xian has finally set the record straight about his romance with Kim.

Xian Lim Issues a Statement about Relationship with Kim Chiu

In a post on Instagram, Xian Lim released a statement to address a “hearsay,” which many believe refers to the rumors surrounding his and Kim Chiu’s relationship.

The actor started his lengthy post by talking about his purpose in life, being a “blessing to those” around him through his films, the podcast he created, paintings he exhibited, or simply posting content on social media.

“It’s designed to find that one soul who see themselves in me,” he continued.

He then revealed himself as a misfit trapped in a society that clamored for perfection or a black sheep to some. From there, he addressed the “hearsay” happening. He asked everyone to be mindful of what they believed, from the deceiving headlines to other information claiming they knew the whole story for personal gain and traction.

“I ask to be mindful of what you share,” he added.

He then requested that others leave his family and friends out of the issues surrounding him. Sure, he works in the entertainment industry, but it doesn’t mean he’s here to entertain.

He continued that he’s in the business to express himself and breathe life into the characters he plays and not to explain himself or satisfy people’s curiosity.

“I am not here to ask for sympathy and spread hate,” he stressed.

Xian further said that he loved everyone around him and his opportunity. Hence, he promised to continue using his voice to share his purpose and be the best version of himself to leave a mark in this lifetime.

Kim Chiu Dispelled Rumors Surrounding Relationship with Xian Lim

Rumors about Kim Chiu and Xian Lim breaking up have been swirling as of late. And before Xian broke his silence about it, Kim had already dispelled the claims, claiming people might have only been deceived by these malicious hearsays.

In the recent press conference for her TV series, Linlang, the actress was asked if she and Xian had already parted ways.

“Grabe! Kayo talaga,” she quipped. “Baka nali-linlang lang kayo,” via Cosmo.ph.

(That’s too much, you guys. You might have only been deceived.)

The Showtime host continued that she and her boyfriend were “doing okay,” adding that the entertainment industry is only deceiving.

“Maayos naman kami. Masaya naman po,” she added.

(We’re good. We’re happy.)

Kim and Xian have been in a relationship for over a decade, starting in 2012. However, the two only publicly confirmed their romance in 2018.

Before admitting to their relationship, the couple has been in a love team called “KimXi” and has worked on numerous projects, like the movies My Binondo Girl, Bride for Rent, and The Story of Us, among others.

And to prove that their relationship has remained strong, back in July 2023, Kim penned a sweet message for Xian for his birthday, calling him someone who “holds her heart.” Alternatively, Xian confessed that he was “truly, madly, and deeply in love” with Kim in April this year.

The rumor makers have a penchant for breaking up the power couples in the local entertainment scene, and it’s easy to see why. These kinds of news easily get everyone’s attention, and whenever a story like this is published online, it quickly gets traction and views. Hence, Xian reminds everyone to be careful of what they see and read. True enough, not everything you see and hear are true.