This year’s going to be epic for gamers!

XSplit developers ‘Splitmedialabs’ has officially acquired, a gaming social-network website and the tournament-management & bracket-generating platform Challonge.

Splitmedialabs has been working for the welfare of gaming for a very long time. According to VentureBeat, XSplit is already a popular tool in the $3.8 billion gaming video-market. With these new acquisitions, Splitmedialabs is trying to expand their business approaches even wider.

“We’ve worked hard on our Xsplit product for a few years,” SplitmediaLabs CEO Henrik Levring said during a chat with GamesBeat. “We started to feel like we wanted to invest and do more. With our Xsplit product, we’ve always had a connection with our users. It’s been a one-to-one thing. Now, we have ambitions to do more than that. The acquisitions are the first, important step toward a grander vision where we have the chance to connect player and get them to connect with each other. and Challonge fit extremely well with that,” he added.


From all references it’s clear that both and Challonge will function the same way as before, until Splitmedialabs brainstorms some cool plans. They will be focusing on trying to make it the central hub, and integrating Challonge and XSplit together. ” We cannot wait to show you what’s coming in the near future,” writes Levring in his recent blog post.

We’ll hear more from the company later this year when their ideas will finally be live on the internet. 2016 will definitely be one of the best years in gaming history. Sean Fee, CEO of has some cheerful thoughts to share with you and David Cornelius, CEO of Challonge will inspire you with his sweet words as well.

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