Yassi Pressman and Sandro Marcos get Cozy in Viral Video | Relationship Timeline

Yassi Pressman Sandro Marcos relationship viral video

A new celebrity relationship seems to be in the offing. British-Filipina actress, TV host, and dancer Yassi Pressman was seen getting cozy with Ilocos Norte Representative Sandro Marcos in a viral video. Rumors have been going stronger than ever around Yassi Pressman’s romantic liaisons. The internet is abuzz with theories about Yassi and Sandro’s relationship and timeline. Let’s look at the viral video of Yassi Pressman and Sandro Marcos and explore the rumors about their relationship in detail.

Viral video of Yassi Pressman and Sandro Marcos

When it comes to social media, a slightly excessive glance or touch can set the rumor mill spinning. And that’s precisely what happened with Yassi Pressman and Sandro Marcos after a video went viral on TikTok featuring the duo in an intimate embrace.


This kind of Friendship, Pls. They’re so comfy with each other.😭💘 [ssandromarcosyyassipressman__yannah9ffypf#fypシ

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The video shows the two stars at what appears to be an exclusive party. In the clip, Yassi leans into Sandro with her arm looped around his neck and his arm wrapped around her waist. This was more than enough to spark relationship rumors online.

However, in Yassi’s case, the gossip did not end there. Another picture surfaced online; this time, the actress was seen with Camarines Sur Governor Luigi Villafuerte. The image shows Luigi kissing Yassi’s cheek during an event in Camarines Sur, causing more speculation.

Yassi-Sandro Relationship Rumors and Timeline

While nothing is official or confirmed, Yassi Pressman and Sandro Marcos’ rumored relationship has quickly become the talk of the town, mainly thanks to the viral video. Despite claims from both parties that they are just good friends, their closeness has fueled constant gossip. 

As seen in the viral clip, the two seemed incredibly comfortable with each other. This raised eyebrows among fans who stepped back to understand how their relationship may have started. 

To better understand the context, let’s take a look at the timeline of Yassi Pressman’s romantic journey. Yassi confirmed her relationship with Canada-based entrepreneur Jon Semira in July 2022. The pair shared a kiss in Amsterdam, as seen in a deleted photo.

However, cracks in their relationship began to appear when Yassi posted cryptic messages on her social media accounts. She hinted at personal struggles and newfound freedom, showcasing her tattoos symbolically. 

Fans quickly noticed that Jon Semira was no longer following Yassi on Instagram. This led to the conclusion that the pair had broken up. Following this, reports of her potential relationship with Sandro, the son of Philippine President Bongbong Marcos, gained traction. 

Yassi Pressman and Sandro Marcos’ previous romances

Keeping Yassi Pressman’s previous relationship with Jon Semira aside, let’s look at Sandro Marcos’ other romances. Notably, Sandro was linked to singer-actress Alexa Miro, which sparked headlines in the past.

It is important to note that neither Yassi Pressman nor Sandro Marcos has spoken out with regard to their relationship rumors. Apart from Jon Semira, Yassi’s romantic relationships have mostly not been publicized, and the example might just continue with Sandro.

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