Yay or nay? Exploring Steven Spielberg’s verdict on Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Steven Spielberg has finally seen the latest Harrison Ford outing, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. This is the first movie in the franchise that he didn’t direct, handing over the directing duties to James Mangold.

The Jaws director didn’t work on this movie because other commitments prevented him from doing so. Thus, James Mangold was brought on to handle Harrison Ford’s final performance as the famous archaeologist. Mangold, the celebrated director has continued in his role as producer for quiet some time. However, some fans have been horrified by the prospect of the franchise moving forward without the director of the first four installments.

Now that Spielberg has seen Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the 76-year-old Hollywood veteran has provided his opinion and it’s pretty positive.

Steven Spielberg loves James Mangold’s work on Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Steven Spielberg finally the screening of the new Indiana Jones movie
Steven Spielberg finally the screening of the new Indiana Jones movie (Image via Disney)

The film Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was formerly intended to mark Steven Spielberg’s fifth attempt to direct the renowned explorer and archaeologist. However, Spielberg left the project in February 2020 as the director had “a desire to pass along Indy’s whip to a new generation to bring their perspective to the story.” This is what he said in an interview with Variety. 

After watching the movie, Spielberg has now shared his thoughts on Harrison Ford’s fifth adventure.

Many devoted followers of the E.T director at the time questioned whether it was wise to continue with the project, without the notable director. Spielberg’s assessment of the movie, though, got rid of any remaining anxieties they had.

On Wednesday, April 26, Spielberg participated in the Time 100 Summit. He was asked how it felt to watch an Indiana Jones movie that he didn’t direct. He answered, “I just had that experience two nights ago.”

Spielberg also mentioned that he had attended a screening that Bob Iger, the Chief Executive Officer of Disney, hosted for many Disney executives, along with the director James Mangold. Everyone praised the film. Spielberg thought it is a truly excellent Indiana Jones movie.

“When the lights came up I just turned to the group and said, ‘Damn! I thought I was the only one who knew how to make one of these,'” Spielberg continued.

Mangold also shared his thoughts on it. He said, “It wasn’t a year of effort to get to a first pass. It was an incredible technology, and, in many ways, I just didn’t think about it. I just focused on shooting what’s [approximately] a 25-minute opening extravaganza that was my chance to just let it rip.” He said this referring to the fact that this movie features the actor being digitally de-aged for 25 minutes.

“The goal was to give the audience a full-bodied taste of what they missed so much. Because then when the movie lands in 1969, they’re going to have to make an adjustment to what it is now, which is different from what it was,” he concluded.

What is the new Indiana Jones movie about?

The new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny in set in the year 1969. That is where the American explorer and archaeologist is living among the Space Race’s backdrop. Jones finds it troubling that the United States government has enlisted former Nazis on a mission. The government wanted their assistance to outpace the Soviet Union in the race to space.

Indy eventually goes to the mission to stop the catastrophic incidents. His goddaughter, Helena Shaw, accompanies him on the trip. In the meantime, Jürgen Voller, an ex-Nazi who works for NASA on the moon landing program, wants to change the world as he sees appropriate.

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