YouTuber EDP445 death rumors dead
YouTuber EDP445 death rumors (Image courtesy of Reddit)

The internet is no stranger to celebrity death hoaxes and rumors and former YouTuber EDP445 seems to be the latest victim. False information about the former vlogger’s death spread quickly on social media platforms. Given his longtime online absence, fans found it difficult to verify if he was really alive. Even pictures of him seemingly hospitalized began to circulate.

However, EDP445’s death rumors are untrue and the controversial social media star has become the target of an elaborate online hoax. The false claims gained traction on various social media platforms, with hashtags like “EDP445 dead” trending on Twitter and TikTok. Let’s delve into the details and find out what’s really happening with EDP445.

Where is YouTuber EDP445 and is he alive?

It’s difficult to identify how EDP445’s death rumors began to spread online. Yet somehow, people started to believe that the former controversial YouTuber had died from stage five kidney failure. This was a result of an old video that he posted many years ago.

In an old Instagram live stream, EDP445 had showed a bruise on his neck from a previous medical procedure involving a catheter. This led fans to believe that he was receiving dialysis and that his kidney had failed.

However, there is no official statement or confirmation from EDP445’s friends or family, regarding these rumors. EDP445 himself is unlikely to make a public appearance after his arrest in April 2021 for sending inappropriate texts to a minor.

Who is the controversial YouTuber EDP445?

33-year-old EDP4445’s original name is Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland. Since 2010, he has become synonymous with his YouTube username EDP445. His videos initially featured commentary on sports, especially the Philadelphia Eagles. Later they went on to include cooking, reviews, gaming, vlogs, and rants. 

Following his arrest in April 2021 for dirty-texting a 13-year-old, YouTube banned EDP445 and removed all his channels. However, the vlogger maintains his innocence and claims that he was framed.

EDP445 death rumors
EDP445 in a Philadephia Eagles hat (Image courtesy of YouTube)

A while ago, there were some rumors that EDP445 is trying to pull off a comeback. He created a TikTok account in February 2022 right after the Super Bowl but his account went missing afterwards. While EDP445’s online presence is still a mystery, reports of his death are nothing but rumors.

Social media reactions to EDP445 death rumors

When people heard rumors about EDP445’s death, there was a lot of buzz on social media. However, most users didn’t even seem bothered by the rumors. Some even seemed happy that the alleged pedophile is gone for good. 

Twitter and TikTok users think that the rumor might be a trick to resurrect EDP445’s online career. However, there were others who criticized spreading fake news.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time rumors like this have come up. There was a similar rumor about EDP445’s death in December 2022. 

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