Tanner Cook's been hospitalised
Tanner Cook's been hospitalised (Image via Youtube / @ WUSA9)

Tanner Cook, age 21, has revealed that Alan Colie, age 31, shot him in the stomach inside Dulles Town Center while he was making a prank video. In critical condition, the former said that he was shooting someone while making a prank movie for his YouTube channel.

One bullet entered Tanner Cook’s stomach and liver, and the young man spent the following day in the intensive care unit (ICU) with his mother by his side.

The YouTuber has made progress and even spoke to the media while lying in the hospital. Cook stated that he plans to keep producing material because it is his passion, despite the severity of his condition.

Tanner Cook was immediately taken to the hospital

Colie is being arrested
Colie is being arrested (Image via Youtube / @ WUSA9)

The YouTube sensation Tanner Cook is well-known for his prank videos. He has a Classified Goons YouTube channel, which has more than 38K subscribers.

He was shot after a practical joke gone wrong in the Dulles Town Center shopping center, and his stomach and liver were seriously wounded. Cook was then taken to the hospital. Currently in the ICU, the medical staff has high hopes for his full recovery.

Meanwhile, Colie, the shooter, was brought into police custody and accused of committing a number of significant crimes. These include aggravated malicious wounding, using a weapon while committing a crime, and discharging a weapon within a structure. He was arrested by authorities on Sunday and charged with aggravated malicious wounding, criminal use of a weapon, and criminal discharge of a firearm within a building.

According to Sheriff Mike Chapman, the shooting was caused by a fight between the two men that began in the food court. The gunfire startled many people inside the mall.

In several photos post the shooting, Colie can be seen getting arrested while lying on the ground.

Cook, who underwent surgery, spoke exclusively to WUSA9 from his hospital bed as the inquiry went on. He claimed that he was making jokes with Colie for another video.

“I was playing a prank and a simple practical joke, and this guy didn’t take it very well,” said Tanner Cook.

“He didn’t say anything to me,” Tanner Cook added.

When Colie allegedly pulled out his gun, his friend was filming the incident on his phone. The family claims that the video is now a piece of evidence.

Robbery prank videos, which occasionally feature fake weapons, balaclavas, or getaway cars, are fairly prevalent on YouTube. Several of these have millions of views. However, many of those views are also staged as all of the actors are usually “in” on the video and are just acting their parts.

However, two years ago YouTube implemented guidelines prohibiting threatening or harmful practical jokes. These include “pranks that cause victims to anticipate impending major bodily danger or that severely disturbed children emotionally.”

In particular, staged robberies and threats with weapons are specified as offenses that would cause the video to be removed.

The introduction of the new regulations followed several prominent examples.

In a 2015 video, vlogger Sam Pepper deceived a man into believing his friend had been shot and murdered. However, the tech giant refused to take the video down.

Furthermore, a prank by two YouTubers in 2017 resulted in a fatality. It happened when Monalisa Perez, who was 19 at the time, shot her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, through a thick book. She did it because he thought the book would deflect the bullet. For the shooting, Perez was sentenced to six months in jail in March 2018.

Just 10 months later, YouTube outlawed risky pranks.

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