Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez Dating Rumors – Is it true?

Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez Dating Rumors - Is it true - Featured

The internet was taken by surprise when rumors of Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez dating suddenly made its rounds on social media. According to reports from various entertainment outlets, the two were spotted getting cozy with each other. However, a lot of netizens are unsure whether they should believe these reports or not. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re asking the same question about the Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez dating rumors: is it true?

Zayn and Selena were spotted having dinner in New York City

The dating rumors between Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez started after they were allegedly seen having dinner and leaving a restaurant together in SoHo, New York City. Several eyewitnesses claim that the two looked rather comfortable in each other’s presence.

  • Other reports also claim that Zayn and Selena were making out during their romantic dinner. An individual claiming to have seated the two stars at the restaurant claims they look comfortable with each other. However, there are currently no photographical evidence proving that this is true.

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  • When news broke out, a lot of netizens took to Twitter to look for photos. Unfortunately, there weren’t any photos – even from paparazzi – of the two. One Twitter user asked the question on everyone’s minds: “Where is the paparazzi when you need them!!!”

Is it true that Zayn and Selena are dating?

Well, the answer to that question is no, but it’s rather complicated. Some entertainment outlets claim that the two are officially dating, one of them being an account called ‘Pop Hive’.

Still, none of the bigger outlets like E! News are outright saying that the rumors are true. From the articles and reports we’ve seen so far, almost all of them address these as rumors or allegations. For now, the best thing that fans of these two stars can do is to wait for official statements from their teams.

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Another thing we can wait for is official pictures of the two together. As the popular saying goes, “to see is to believe”. So if we finally get pictures of Zayn and Selena out in public together, that’s the time we can determine whether the dating rumors are true or not.

Gigi Hadid responds to the rumors

After news and rumors broke out about Zayn and Selena, it didn’t take long for Gigi Hadid to speak up. According to Us Weekly, they were able to talk to someone close to Gigi Hadid. She has reportedly expressed that she finds no problem with Zayn and Selena dating.

To get you up to speed, Gigi is Zayn’s former partner with whom he has a child with. The two called it quits in 2021, with their break up being a bit messy as reports of Zayn getting into an altercation with Yolanda, Gigi’s mother, broke out.

  • Although some netizens were expecting that Gigi would have a different reaction, it’s nice to see that she wishes nothing but the best for Zayn. All Gigi wants is for the father of her child to be “happy and stable,” according to the source.
  • They also add that as long as Zayn “continues to be a good co-parent to Khai,” she has no problem with whoever he dates.
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Without any confirmation, these are just merely dating rumors

Some fans may already be getting their hopes up, seeing two of their idols dating each other, but it’s still unclear whether or not Zayn and Selena are dating. It’s always good to take these with a grain of salt as it could all just be a publicity stunt. Dating stunts are not at all uncommon in the world of celebrities. This could also be a way for both Zayn’s and Selena’s camps to promote a possible collaboration between the two.

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Screengrabs Courtesy of Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez via YouTube

The idea is not at all far-fetched as both are talented musicians. Zayn had already collaborated with stars like Taylor Swift and Sia, so what’s stopping him from collaborating with another pop star like Selena Gomez, right?

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With all this being said, only time (and maybe paparazzi, too) will tell. For now, all we can do is wait for confirmation from either parties involved. If the rumors end up being true, then Selena and Zayn are going to be quite the power couple… especially in music.

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What do you think about Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez allegedly dating? Are these just rumors or do you think they are true? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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