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With mainstream media outlets turning their focus to video-games, it remains evident that the industry’s flourishing potential has taken precedence over reports of other important business affairs. Quite clearly, its preponderance has been able to woo companies into expanding their departments. In respect of that, ever since the evanesce of social dogmas which stigmatized technological advancement, the concept of video games as something requiring dexterity, intelligence and expertise is increasingly being realised all over the world.

Although it is quite true that there will remain opposition to everything in some form, it must be understood that it is impossible to completely ward that off. Notwithstanding the differences in opinions or prejudice, technology has grown in India at a radically rapid pace. From office-computers to home computers to gaming computers, there has not been a moment in India’s history that progress was hampered.

After utility services like the internet entered India, small cyber cafes started to pop up around different corners of the nation, owing greatly to the fact that a majority of the population by demographic standards fell quite below the medium-income line. As soon as video games, as a mode of entertainment penetrated the rigidly barred opposition to reach a different welcoming stratum, these cyber cafes began to install pirated games on their rigs. Quite clearly, the tremulous demand for games was felt all over.

Zone Cafe Kolkata

Only as recently as now, with the advent of the pocket internet, the cyber-cafe business has become quite unstable. Also, the fact that many cafes don’t have a decent rig to run new games has critically affected their positions in a constantly changing society. What came to replace them are gaming lounges.

The gaming community in Kolkata, have for years been craving for one and it is to their felicity that the merry news was announced on social media platforms a few days ago. Zone Cafe is bringing East India’s premier gaming lounge to Kolkata.

The venture, a strategic partnership between XRIG, the creative consultants and Starcomp, the biggest IT distributor in East India and the parent organisation of Zone Cafe, will see its opening on the 13th of October, two days before the holy festival of Durga Puja.


An estimated Rs. 2 crores has been expended for a plot of 4000 sq. ft. for the establishment. Of that, 1000 sq. ft. of area will be utilised for constructing a restaurant. Prominent brand Mintelaa will be available inside the premises to serve food and beverages in the designated eatery section. 888 sq. feet has been allocated to make a retail destination.

Zone is aiming to be a unique one-stop destination for gamers. Every facility will be integrated within the cafe itself. A mish-mash of chilling areas with indoor games(air hockey, foosball) will give any other premium cafe in India a run for its money.

Zone Cafe 1

Gaming areas with PCs of MEDIUM, HIGH AND ULTRA PREMIUM configurations will be set up for use at different rates. These PCs will have separate servers for internet bandwidth ranging from medium to high. A total of 50 PCs are being arranged to accommodate large populations.

The proprietors have walked the extra mile to construct additional “Streaming Rooms” with high-speed internet for aspiring streamers along with its very own eSports arena with an elevated stage with 6v6 PC Setup featuring XRIG X2 GTX 1070 PCs, Corsair K70 mechanical keyboards, Logitech G403 Mice, Cloud Alpha headsets, Corsair T1 chairs and LG 144Hz 1ms monitors. Ambitiously enough, it will be India’s first cafe to feature the RTX series GPUs with ultra-wide 4k monitors and HTC Vive VR stations with a wide range of games at the most affordable rates.


Zone has partnered up with Alliance and Airtel to provide its customers with top-quality internet service and an experience like never before.

Zone Cafe


Zone is located at 9, Elgin Road 1st Floor, Near Forum Mall, Bhowanipore, Kolkata 700020 and will be inaugurated on the 13th of October.

Our team will be paying a visit to the Cafe during the Pujas and will be uploading their honest opinions about the place.

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