Zynga Plans To Release Blockchain & NFT Games This 2022

Zynga, the maker of FarmVille and Words With Friends, is looking into non-fungible currencies and blockchain-based games.

The company intends to expand its blockchain team from 15 to 100 people by the end of 2022, according to Axios, and develop an NFT-based game. Zynga’s blockchain-based game is almost certainly going to appeal to the general public’s curiosity in bitcoin. They would want to have a performance-based strategy, rather than entertainment-based activities.

Interest in blockchain gaming peaked in late 2021, and ongoing developments in the industry indicate that interest has remained high.


The negotiations have lately begun to take shape, as Zynga is aiming to release a brand-new NFT game this year. Two of Zynga’s most popular games, received NFTs last year, causing a stir.

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However, Matt made it plain that the studio will not be combining NFTs with those two titles. It may cause confusion for gamers as they are used to the old mechanics. Instead, they want to form a new blockchain team dedicated just to blockchain and NFT gaming. Zynga wants to grow this team from 15 members to 100 by the beginning of 2023.

Screengrab Courtesy of Crypto News Delivery via YouTube

In keeping with this, the studio announced a job opening for a Lead Game Systems and Economy Designer – NFT last week.

The position’s key responsibilities included developing economic models, researching, and providing advice on decentralized governance. In addition to that, other jobs tied to that are envisioning, designing, and preparing documentation for new features and content.

The studio plans to tap into the blockchain and NFT games’ established user base in the future, who are merely looking to take advantage of the NFT capabilities.

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