The PSVR2 is nearing a release, and with it comes the anticipation for the next generation of virtual reality games. We’ve already seen what’s possible with hits such as Half-Life Alyx and Resident Evil 4: VR. The upcoming Horizon: Call of the Mountain will also look to leverage the power of the PS5. Here are some other games in development that are looking to shape a promising future for evolving technology.

1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Retribution

Saints & Sinners came out as a surprise for VR gamers, given that there wasn’t much of an expectation during its release. It turned out to be a fleshed-out VR game that immerses players in the post-apocalypse world. Chapter 2 is a must if you’ve played the first chapter on the PS4. There will be a deluxe edition with both chapters available on the PS Store for those new to the franchise.

What makes Saints & Sinners memorable is it brings you into the survival horror vibe. You have limited resources, and you’re trying to make the best of what you have in a zombie-filled world. There’s nothing quite like the intensity of sneaking into an enclosed space, not knowing if a zombie will try to bite you from the corners of the dark.

2. Resident Evil: Village

Given the success of Resident Evil 4 VR and Village’s first-person shenanigans, playing the latest iteration on VR is a no-brainer. We expect the excitement to be just as intense as the first time playing the game for the PS5. Those who haven’t played it yet may want a more intense experience by getting the PSVR2 version. It will be one of the first games to utilize next-gen hardware, and developers re-built it to fit the VR crowd more.

Recent testers have given it rave reviews, given the many features added to the game. You’ll be able to interact with the environment, and they fixed scaling to put you in the perspective of Ethan. We’re excited to try this out once it releases.

3. Kayak VR Mirage

The more casual crowd who wants some physical activity may desire stunning visuals through Kaya VR Mirage. The footage shows that it’s the most graphically realistic game for the platform so far. It takes inspiration from real locations. It also accounts for paddling physics, weather, wildlife, and more.

Developers are even promising that multiplayer will be possible in the future. You can explore with a friend or compete in racing battles online. The possibilities are many for this upcoming title.

4. Precinct 303

Those craving a cyberpunk VR game may want to try Precinct 303, which will be an upgrade to the previous generation’s Low-Fi. You play as a detective though there is an open-world field with it. According to developers, players can solve mysteries how they want and can also explore various locations. Footage shows the player riding through a futuristic city and exploring some of the seedier areas of the metropolis.

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