Smartphones games are one of the best ways to spend a few free hours and have fun. Each player comes to the game world with a certain goal, looking for something special. Some gamers are looking for friends; others hope to experience bright emotions. There might be tens of different reasons why students give up their college issues and buy custom essay online, and download new games again and again. But we have pointed out only 7 the most common reasons why students play mobile games.

Relieve Stress

Games are a great option to calm down. Have you been pissed off by a teacher, friend, partner, or classmate? Games are a great solution! The more cruel these games are, the better we feel. When a bad event has happened, and a person can’t stop experiencing it again and again, he needs to play a game, fully immersed in it, and not to think about sad events.

That’s why students take their smartphones, open their favorite shooters, and dive into the virtual world to let out our emotions. You will get satisfaction and relaxation at once.


Most smartphone games are a great place to make new friends. You have one common interest — playing games. Moreover, the joint long virtual trips involve keeping up with others. Besides, gamers regularly organize various fan meetings where they can meet online friends.

Ordering an assignment from a writing agency and writing a short message like, “I need you to do my assignment for me cheap and as quickly as possible!” is a guarantee that you will be able to attend such a meeting.

Chance to Be Whoever You Want

Everyone had dreams as a child. Someone wanted to become an astronaut or a magician, others dreamed of being superheroes. Mobile games gave us this opportunity. You can be a bloodthirsty killer in Dead by Daylight or a zone explorer in Stalker. It all depends on personal preferences. If you are eager for a new level of transformation into a hero, Cosplay will help you to become a hero in reality.

We live the lives of heroes and enjoy their emotions. We need a framework for good imagination: a fairytale kingdom, historical events, or certain life circumstances. Unlike movies and books, smartphone games set the framework and allow us to participate in the world we love.

Students Like Achieving Goals

It doesn’t work as often as we would like in our real lives. Even those goals that seem achievable and depend only on us sometimes let off the hook. In some cases, most students have credible academic helpers who are ready to come to their assistance as soon as they get a message, “Please, write me an essay.” But what to do if you are dealing with tough to get done goals?

Life is too variable for all plans to come true. Thus, games are invariant and designed to make almost all the goals easy-to-achieve.

Need to Get Awards

Students like to get prizes and awards, but in real life, there are some problems with it. The endless pile of college essays, reports, and projects don’t give any chances to be rewarded and get some precious free time.

The only way to get distracted from academic stuff is to receive highly-qualified statistics homework help and emerge into the virtual world where your skills and experience will be well-evaluated. In games, the reward system works pretty well. You know that you get some treats after reaching a certain point and often you know which one.

Students Like Saving

In real life, we aren’t used to saving food as it can be bought in a store. Today, it is even dumber to store things in chests. In addition, not everyone can save money in gold or jewels. Usually, people pay off debts before getting into new ones.

As for the students, their most relevant savings relate to discount codes, which they get every time they place an order on the custom-writing platform or clicking the “Write my essay” button. Therefore, students strive to create their own virtual worlds where they might make a fortune.

While playing games, we can save money, improvements, cool stuff, outfits, etc. How nice to feel Scrooge McDuck, looking into our stores. Correlating the time frame of games and real life, we are glad to feel financial stability.

Be a Winner

For some students, the competitive aspect is one of the most important in life. As a child, most of us competed with our classmates in academic performance or sports achievements, becoming older — in independence, career, etc. A healthy competition spirit pushes us to develop and become better. The same happens in games.
You can compete with artificial intelligence, as well as with real people online. Besides, cybersport holds an honored position and more and more successful gamers try to conquer the first places.