Alto's Odyssey

Are you looking for advanced games to run on the mobile? We’ve got you covered! Check out the most exciting and worthy options that became a top 8 list made by hardcore fans of playing apps. Here you’ll find the best options for Android and iOS gadgets from iGames to progressive slots to while away the time. What’s more, any of them can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store in one click straight away.

Nowadays, people are more and more addicted to games on smartphones and tablets. It is hardly surprising that users can access high-speed Internet and a wide variety of online entertainment at any time.

Frequently, downloading engaging game content can be your number one priority if you want to while away a few hours. Games on mobile platforms are an excellent opportunity to diversify your leisure time while traveling on public transport or visiting the dentist. More importantly, there is a list of games with such stunning storylines and graphics that time flies by.

Today, several mobile apps can pull you into the uninterrupted swimmingly gameplay. Some people try to avoid this kind of entertainment, while for others such games are a real boon. If you’re looking for incredibly addictive joy to play on a tablet or smartphone, then you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

Alto's Odyssey

The number one app for winter sports enthusiasts – Alto’s Odyssey

The game plot is based on the protagonist’s exciting adventures, who cannot live without a snowboard. An endless runner with many functions allows you to perform the most difficult stunts, jumps, and slides on the snowiest tracks.

You will complete small tasks along the way, and each successful trick will bring additional points. It allows you to pump the equipment and abilities of the main character. It seems that the developers went to great lengths to create the advanced graphics and unique atmosphere inherent in this game.

Angry Birds 2

One of the most popular gaming franchises – Angry Birds 2

This franchise has become so popular that it is unlikely that you will meet at least one person who has not heard of it. If you are an avid mobile gamer, then surely remember the successful first part of the epic game. Classic lovers will appreciate this great entertainment and run it on most smartphones running iOS or Android. Simple and straightforward gameplay and a great soundtrack make this game one of the best entertainment to date.


The classic that has been popular for centuries – Ballz

There are a vast number of versions that are devoted to breaking blocks with a small ball. Fans of mobile games will be able to enjoy hours of stunning graphics and inimitable sound effects. Before you bat an eyelash, several rounds will quickly turn into hours of entertainment with fun tasks and unique rewards.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

If you are into puzzle games, then you’ve come to the right place. It looks like the development studio has created a real masterpiece that is available for Android and iOS users. The stunning storyline and advanced graphics will be a great addition to collecting games on your smartphone. The application is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store at any convenient time.

Bingo by absolute games

This list could not be complete without such popular entertainment as Bingo. This game has successfully emigrated from land-based casinos to mobile phones. It is capable of providing long and fun gameplay. The game is entirely autonomous, and the user can pause if the development of events seems too fast. An incredible array of bonuses and special features helps to unleash all the possibilities of this mobile entertainment perfectly.

Every 4 hours will bring you extra coins and unexpected gifts. Unsurprisingly, many players complain that the four-hour break is too long. However, the game is worth the candle.

80 days

80 days

If you haven’t played in 80 days, you definitely can’t imagine what a genuinely addicting game plot looks like. This mobile strategy game offers you an incredible world trip in 80 days. The developers have provided this game with ample opportunities. Users can balance their health, finances, and make sure to stay on schedule and keep up.

The main advantage is that users do not need to make additional purchases to unlock unique features or capabilities, which is quite refreshing.

Advanced Entertainment from iGaming from the Industry

Advanced Entertainment from iGaming from the InThe segment of mobile users is continuously growing. Therefore, the largest computer game developers are optimizing their most popular products for mobile platforms. It is noteworthy that computer games are constantly being improved for Android and iOS. Today, they offer the same stunning storylines and gaming experiences as the desktop versions. When it comes to premium gaming, the following popular online products come to mind:

  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Minecraft
  • Pubg Mobile
  • Fortnite

This is the best of the best list now. However, the list of genuinely high-quality and stunning products is continuously being updated. As a result, mobile devices receive an even greater variety of advanced gaming products with unique capabilities and fantastic gameplay.

Flipflop Solitaire

When it comes to a single player, then solitaire is one of the best options. Ardent fans of card games can install this application on their devices in an instant. In terms of the simplicity and uniqueness of the plot, this game is a fantastic choice. The famous development studio has brought a unique aesthetic to this app.

The user needs to form piles of cards of the same suit. However, unlike the classic version of solitaire, this game allows you to arrange cards of descending and ascending values ​​on top of each other. Players can also move entire arrays of cards regardless of the bottom ticket.

Unique additions and changes make this game one of the most addicting versions of the classic solitaire game. Rest assured that you will not take your eyes off the screen and will easily spend hours in a row trying to achieve the desired result.


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