Aaron Carter’s Controversial Relationship with Nick Carter

Aaron Carter’s recent death was a tragic end to an otherwise troubled life. He had struggled with drug addiction for most of his life, which led to recent occurrences. More notable was his estranged relationship with his brother Nick Carter. While it was his older brother who opened up a career in show business for Aaron, things eventually turned south. Here are some of the most controversial events between the brothers leading up to Aaron’s untimely passing:

Missing Nick’s Wedding

The first sign of turmoil in the brothers’ relationship was in 2014 when Aaron did not attend Nick’s wedding. He posted on social media saying there were technical issues and he was not making it to the wedding, apologizing to his brother. Fans noted that the apology didn’t seem sincere and that Aaron was fresh from a concert the day before the wedding.

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While there were no details, there was some noticeable tension between the two. The wedding went on without a hitch, with members of the Backstreet Boys in attendance.

The 2017 Interview and DUI

After Aaron’s 30th birthday, he spoke during an interview where he admitted to having a strained relationship with his brother Nick. He stated that their relationship was up and down due to their hypercompetitive nature. It did not help that they were working in the same industry.

A few months after the interview, police caught and arrested Aaron for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge. The arrest promoted supportive statements from his older brother. Aaron would go on to rehab several times for his drug addiction.

Rather than taking the support from his brother, Aaron resented it. In another interview, Aaron said Nick should stop acting like his parent. While he did say that he still loves Nick, he also made it a point that his brother should focus on his career. Nick continued to support Aaron from afar, mostly tweeting and posting on social media about him.

Restraining Order

In 2019, Nick and Aaron’s twin sister Angel filed a restraining order against Aaron Carter following allegations of violent threats. He confessed to wanting to do violent things to Nick’s then-pregnant wife. Aaron immediately denied the claims on social media, stating that he would never do anything to hurt his brother’s family.

Despite that, a month later, a judge agreed to file a restraining order against Aaron for a year. The court also commanded that he give up any firearms he owned.

The Death

Three years later, we would hear of Aaron Carter’s death. Based on the evidence found at the scene and the ongoing turmoil he had with his older brother, it seemed that his addiction remained a struggle. Police found him drowned in his bathtub with cans of compressed air. Nick Carter went on social media to grieve and reiterate his love for his baby brother.

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