Top 10 Strongest Invincible Characters

The superhero animated show, Invincible, based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) is one of the top shows on Amazon Prime Video. While it seemed to be a parody of DC’s Justice League due to the uncanny resemblance of some of Kirkman’s characters to that of DC’s JL, they showed that it’s more than just a satire. Along the way, we learn more about Mark Grayson as the hero “Invincible” and his bloody journey as Earth’s defender. With that, let’s take a look at some of the strongest characters in Invincible and we will rank them from worst to best.

With a second season coming our way, there will be lots to look forward to. With the upcoming story, new characters, new conflict, and the return of Omni-Man and Viltrumites, we will be having our hands full in the next season.


10. Red Rush

Josef or commonly known as “Red Rush” is the Guardians of the Globe’s very own speedster. Arguably the fastest man alive (when he lived), Red Rush has a very obvious similarity to DC’s The Flash. The red suit and the lightning speed already show it all.

Red Rush is fairly underrated in the series but in contrast to other members of his team, he made some serious injuries to Omni-Man when he went rogue against the whole gang. If only he thought more of a more planned attack, maybe he and the Guardians might have taken down Omni-Man with ease.

9. War Woman

If you still don’t see it, War Woman is the show’s equivalent to DC’s Wonder Woman. I mean, the name is just tweaked a little bit but it’s already there.

She has the powers of the common superheroine like flight, superhuman strength, super speed, and super durability, plus she is also immortal. Unfortunately for her, she ends her immortality streak by getting her head snapped by the very man they believed in, Omni-Man. She’s not the strongest member of the Guardians of the Globe but she’s definitely right up there with Immortal.

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8. Monster Girl

Benjamin Button, err, Amanda or known by his colleagues by the name of Monster Girl has a very peculiar ability. She can transition into a humongous green monster but the consequences of this gift (or curse, in that matter) are very unfortunate.

Monster Girl

Formerly dubbed Monster Woman, Amanda’s transformation makes her a strong superhero. Although, every time she uses her ability, she gets younger by a week. That’s why she only uses this when they needed it the most. To put things into perspective, Amanda was initially a full-grown woman but due to her abuse of her powers, she slowly became a young girl. Her powers are more likely in the B-list, but she’s stronger than most street-level characters like Titan and other members of the Guardians like Aquarius, Dark Wing, War Woman, and more.

7. Robot

He may not be as physically strong as the others on this list, but Robot’s intellect is second to none.

Invincible Robot
Photo Courtesy of Men’s Health

In the beginning, we thought Robot was just artificial intelligence housed inside a Robotic body. However, it was later revealed that what seemed to be an ultra-smart machine was just a vessel for a man named Rudolph “Rex” Conners. Knowing that he is just human, it’s still surprising how huge of a genius Rex is. He can create systematic strategies and number crunching analyses that will lead his team to success. It also helps that his brilliant mind made him the leader of the Guardians of the Globe.

6. Immortal

Did you know why Omni-Man targeted Immortal first during the battle between him and the Guardians of the Globe? It was because Omni-Man already had a plan on how to take them all out. And, that plan included killing the biggest threat in the group, who happens to be ‘Immortal’.

The guy does not age or die of natural causes, hence the name. He also does not decompose and can be resurrected using advanced technology (just ask the Mauler Twins). That’s because he never really dies, he just goes into a state of coma until someone revives him. Strength-wise, he can hurt Omni-Man a bit. He may even be the strongest human warrior in history thanks to his thousands of years of experience. However, as strong as Immortal is, his powers are just a nick of Omni-Man’s strengths.

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5. Atom Eve (Samantha Eve Wilkins)

A member of the new “Guardians of the Globe”, Atom Eve seems to be the most powerful in the group. Just by looking at the source of her power, you could think she can become the most overpowered superhero in this series.

With her ability to manipulate matter at the sub-atomic level, Eve can control almost anything she gets her hands on. She has a huge potential to become an omega-level character, but she is yet to discover her real strengths come the following seasons.

Atom Eve’s other abilities:

  • Flight
  • Create force fields
  • Telekinesis
  • Energy creation/Energy blasts
  • Regeneration
  • Resurrection (However, her ability to resurrect herself hasn’t been introduced to the show yet)

4. Allen

Allen the alien may be one of the special galactic characters who can battle some of the Viltrumites. We haven’t seen everything about Allen yet, but, according to the comics, Allen will become a pivotal member of a war between Viltrumites and the Coalition of Planets.

Back when Invincible first met Allen, the two almost killed each other. Well, at least Invincible was trying to. However, Allen’s only purpose is to test the defenses of a planet he was assigned to, Earth, which he misread for Urath. Hailing from a race called the Unopans, Allen was heavily experimented on by his kind to make him the strongest among them. This was because they are becoming extinct due to the conquest of Viltrumites. Allen did survive and truly became the strongest one in his race. However, even he would find it difficult to save his race.

3. Invincible (Mark Grayson)

Throughout the first season, there’s only one guy who seemed to take the punch every single time (literally). He may not come as strong as his father as of now, but he already has the perks of a Viltrumite. Durability, flight, superhuman strength, and super healing. Although, he differs from the Viltrumite principles as Mark still has the morals to save people.

Although Mark is highly durable, he can still take hits and is still very susceptible to damage from stronger opponents. Later on in the series, we may see how strong Mark really is. Moreover, the future stories also adapt the idea of the multiverse wherein there will be a lot of different Invincible variants. Some of them will be allies, while some will be formidable foes.

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2. Thokk (commonly known as Battle Beast)

You saw the damage Battle Beast inflicted on Invincible, didn’t you? Even though we’ve only seen this alien monster once but he immediately showed a fraction of his strength. Taking down a group of heroes a.k.a. Guardians of the Globe is a feat only a few people have done (i.e. Omni-Man and him, Thokk).

Just imagine the depths of his real power if he decides to bring the rain down on Earth. Thankfully, he is a battle-hungry warrior that seeks to fight the best in the universe. Do you think he can go up against a full-grown Viltrumite?

1. Omni-Man (Nolan Grayson)

Since other Viltrumites are yet to be introduced in the show, it’s safe to say that Omni-Man is the strongest one so far. It’s a no-brainer.

Judging by the damage he can do, not just to his son (Invincible), but to other planets, almost nobody on Earth can match his powers. The man is basically the superman in this series. While being extremely strong, Omni-Man is also super durable. It may take a whole bunch of superheroes to take him down, but it’s going to be a bloodbath, as what happens in the first episode. Not to mention, he has a suave mustache that takes home the trophy. Is it mandatory for Viltrumites to have an amazing mustache? Hmmm.

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Disclaimer: This list is a personal list made by the author. The ranking is based on the happenings on the show during the first season thus there will be no fellow Viltrumites that will be mentioned. Additionally, the alien race infesting Mars called “Sequids” isn’t ranked in this list as they are a whole species, not just an individual character.

Do you agree with our list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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