AOT S4 Part 4: Will the Rumbling finally stop?

AOT Attack on Titan S4 Part 4 Rumbling stop

Eren has finally started the big attack on the rest of the world, and now all of his friends are determined to do whatever it takes to stop this huge disaster. Now, as we approach the highly anticipated fourth and final part of AOT Season 4, the burning question on every fan’s mind is: Will the Rumbling finally stop? Well, let’s find out.

In the midst of all the chaos, Hange seems to have discovered a possible solution to stop Eren. Yes, a real way. But how exactly will the outcome be? Let’s dive more into it.

What is the Rumbling in AOT S4 Part 4?

AOT Attack on Titan S4 Part 4 Rumbling stop
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The Rumbling in ‘Attack on Titan‘ is a catastrophic event in which the colossal Wall Titans, who were once trapped within the walls of Paradis Island, are unleashed, causing widespread destruction and loss of life.

  • It was originally a threat given by Karl Fritz to all the people who weren’t Eldian. He had trapped thousands of Wall Titans inside the Rose, Maria, and Sheena Walls of Paradis Island.
  • When these Titans were released from the walls, they possessed the power to destroy entire cities with their enormous size and destructive force.

When did everyone get to know about the Rumbling?

Because of that threat, the Marleyans were unable to attack the Eldians. Fritz made the people within the Walls forget their memories, causing the Eldians to lose all knowledge of their history and an understanding of the Rumbling.

For a long time, people believed that the Walls were simply constructed from stone. It was only during the fight between Eren and Annie that they finally discovered the reality.

How is Zeke related to the Rumbling? How did it start?

We all know that only those with Royal Blood can possess the powers of the Founding Titan. However, Eren managed to obtain these powers even though he is not part of the royal family.

This happened because Eren maintained continuous contact with his brother, Zeke. After Eren’s head was severed, Zeke held onto it, enabling Eren to utilize the powers of the Founding Titan. Zeke and Eren had the same father but different mothers. It was Zeke’s mother, Dina Fritz, who had the royal bloodline heritage.

Will killing Zeke stop the Rumbling in AOT S4 Part 4?

  • After hearing all the above information, Levi did propose killing Zeke to stop the rumbling. However, we do not know if this plan will really work since it is just an assumption.
  • Based on logical reasoning, yes, it strongly suggests that eliminating Zeke would indeed bring an end to the Rumbling.
AOT Attack on Titan S4 Part 4 Rumbling stop
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By doing so, Eren would lose access to the powers of the Founding Titan, ultimately putting an end to the devastating event known as the Rumbling.

SPOILER ALERT: The below section contains major spoilers from the AOT manga. So, read at your own risk.

Did the Rumbling stop in the Manga?

In the manga chapter titled “Titans,” the Rumbling did come to an end in Chapter 137. Although, achieving this outcome was not an easy task, and the Survey Corps would not have succeeded in their mission without Zeke’s cooperation in the plan to sacrifice himself.

AOT S4 Part 4 Rumbling stop
Image Courtesy of Viz Media

He entered the Paths and awakened the previous holders of different titans, convincing them to aid the Survey Corps. Following a fierce battle, Zeke ultimately separated from the Founding Titan and was beheaded by Levi, bringing an end to the Rumbling.


That’s everything to know about will the rumbling stop in AOT S4 Part 4. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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