Are MAMA Awards Losing Credentials in 2023?

Are MAMA Awards 2023 still prestigious?

The awards season has rolled in to add to the festivities of the last quarter of 2023. Among the many year-end shows, the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is considered one of the biggest and most prestigious platforms for K-pop artists. Fans were expecting to see the biggest names in the industry in the nominations and attendance at the MAMA Awards.

However, MAMA 2023 has disappointed many with the changes in their criteria and the announcements of the artist line-up for performance. Subsequently, we decided to take a closer look at whether MAMA has truly lost its prestige in awarding the biggest acts of the year. To do so, we will take a closer look at its criteria and performance list comparing it with the past year. Let’s get right into it.

Why are fans disappointed with the Artist Line-up at the 2023 MAMA Awards?

On October 31, Mnet announced their line-up for the ONE I BORN MAMA Awards. The line-up consisted of artists from the second to present generation including the mesmerizing TVXQ, SEVENTEEN, LE SSERAFIM, RIIZE, Street Woman Fighter 2, and more.

However, fans couldn’t help but feel disappointed as many major artists, including Stray Kids, NewJeans, TAEYANG, SHINee members, MAMAMOO members, THE BOYZ, P1HARMONY, TREASURE, ITZY, and NMIXX didn’t make it to the artist line-up even in the second update.

As of writing, the members of one of the most nominated groups, BTS, also aren’t listed as performers. All the monster rookies of 2023 including KISS OF LIFE, tripleS, and EVNNE, are missing from the performer’s list.

As the MAMA Awards is a stage that not only celebrates the biggest acts of the year but also gives a platform for the most promising debuts, fans were expecting to see far more artists in the line-up.

Is the MAMA Awards failing at recognizing celebrated artists?

Apart from the relatively dry line-up, fans were also confused to see many artists, particularly from JYP Entertainment, missing from the nominations list. ITZY, NMIXX, and Xdinary Heroes, which have proven their influence by attracting global fans, are nowhere to be found in nominations.

The artists ATEEZ, ENHYPEN, and BTS Namjoon were also missing from the list despite their successful releases this year that made them rule on music charts as well as trending lists of short-form media apps. This has made fans question whether the awards are losing their credentials at recognizing the artists.

Furthermore, the awards have changed their criteria for the Album Of The Year award by replacing the digital sales and streaming of the music with physical album sales. While the addition of the physical album sales is important, removing the digital sales seems off considering that music listening practices have significantly changed in the past few years.

Are MAMA Awards still prestigious in 2023?

Despite missing out on the globally charting K-pop artists from their line-up and nominations, the MAMA Awards are still one of the biggest shows celebrating the greatest acts of K-pop. Their ceremonies are grandiose with major artists sharing the stage in special performances.

Their existing criteria attempt to include an equal amount of fan choices, digital sales, music streaming, and physical purchases. To add to that, they also include a panel of judges who make sure that the most influential K-pop artists receive their deserved recognition.

  • It is too soon to dismiss the MAMA awards’ credibility or miss out on the two star-studded days of the event. MAMA Awards 2023 will take place on November 28 and 29 at Tokyo Dome.

The first round of ticket sales ended on October 29 and the second round began on October 31. However, you will also be able to stream the show live through Mnet’s official YouTube channels including MNET KPOP, Mnet TV, M2, and KCON Official. So, tune in to watch the performances and find out who takes home all the Daesangs.

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