Stardew Valley
Courtesy of Sickhead Games

Not everyone fancies spending an arm and a leg on a graphics that will eventually get replaced. So, here are the best games for low-end PCs with no particular order!


Experience the zephyr of living in the countryside with Stardew Valley. This game features simple yet picturesque graphics.

Storywise, you set out as a farmer on a farm left by your family. Further progressing in this game is very rewarding and satisfying. Moreover, this game is very popular but, lately, they added Multiplayer so everyone is able to enjoy the dew of the valley.

Do we really have to explain? Minecraft is the most popular game due to its simplistic style, but progressive and fun gameplay. In Minecraft, you set out to survive the night to slaying the Ender Dragon.

This 2D action, open-world, sandbox, and platformer game features a low-polygon design similar to Minecraft, but one that leans closer to Stardew Valley. In Terraria, you slowly slay bosses and craft gear to make your way up to the final boss, the Moon Lord.

However, after he is slain the fun does not necessarily end there. The game can be easily modded with awesome mods and add-ons which only adds to the fun.

This game is simply amazing. You start off with choosing a character and setting foot in the Gungeon. Enter The Gungeon is full of guns, and bullet hell. Storywise, you set out to find a gun that eliminates your past.

In this game, Untitled Goose Game, you play as a terrible, horrible and annoying goose. A goose with a dedicated honk button to ruin the rest of everyone’s day. The game is humorous and had a very successful launch with famous people like PewDiePie playing the game.

Don’t let the simple look of this game fool you! Cuphead, further in the game, can be quite challenging. Moreover, the game features a retro design. The game looks like it was just ripped from the 80s. You also can enjoy shooting with your pointy finger.

WoW, in case you did not know, is short for World of Warcraft which was a role-playing MMO game released back in 2004. However, WoW Classic is a server option that set back the world back, which only resulted in good o’nostalgia!

Do we need to explain why this game does not need a PC that can run Crysis for it to run? Undertale is a story-rich game with extremely simple two-color graphics, and, well, meglovania.

Released in 2018, Celeste features simple yet scenic looks. This game won the best independent game award of the year. In the story, you play as Madeline. She (you) begin to climb a mountain only to set upon a deserted city

Much like Portal, Portal 2 is a simple-looking game, or so it seems. Portal 2 is a puzzle game that legitimately gets challenging. The game is simply amazing and doesn’t need much hardware to run it since it released awhile ago. Sadly, some companies can’t count to three.