Best Genshin Impact pulls recorded live – Ranked

Best Genshin Impact pulls recorded live - Ranked - Cover Picture

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest gacha games at the moment. Although it’s entirely free to play, you need to pull or wish in order for you to get characters and even weapons in the game. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the luckiest and best pulls in Genshin Impact. Some are from big-time streamers who play Genshin Impact, while some are from casual players. Check out our ranking of the best Genshin Impact pulls to date.

There are some Travelers who hold off on pulling altogether as a challenge but there will definitely come a day when they’ll need to spend those Primogems. When wishing, you’ll also want to pray to the RNG gods that they give you a good pull. But since life is fair in the sense that it isn’t fair, some players have all the luck. Meanwhile, those of us with no blessing from the RNG gods need to reach hard pity first before getting our desired characters.

The best and luckiest Genshin Impact pulls

Saving up enough wishes for a ten-pull in Genshin Impact will easily cost you 1600 Primogems. While other games are generous in giving rewards to their players, Genshin Impact is a bit on the stingy side. Although there are tons of ways to earn Primogems for free in Genshin Impact, you’ll still need to grind.

Some of the ways you can earn Primogems for pulls in HoYoverse’s gacha game are the following:

  • Completing quests
  • Finishing daily commissions
  • Opening treasure chests
  • Clearing domains for the first time
  • Fulfilling achievements

At first glance, it all sounds easy, right? As a Genshin Impact player who’s been around since release, I’m here to tell you that it definitely isn’t. So for some players to get some of the luckiest pulls I’ve seen in Genshin Impact, I’d be lying if I said I’m not jealous.

Check out these pulls and see if you won’t be jealous of these players’ luck in Genshin Impact:

1. Japanese Traveler gets 5 five-stars in 10 pulls

Talk about the RNG gods smiling down on you! This Japanese Genshin Impact player was definitely blessed with these pulls on Genshin Impact. Check out the 2-minute video below and see how this Traveler got five 5-stars with just 1600 Primogems:

In the video, this player managed to get Ganyu (thrice!), Qiqi, Mona, and even Bennett. What did this person do in their past life to deserve such luck? The best part about all of this is the fact that he got Mona last and since Mona isn’t the character featured in the banner, this means that this player’s pity got reset!

Dear RNG gods, please let my next pulls be like this. It’s hard enough clearing out Sumeru, but a Welkin pass doesn’t give enough Primogems to satisfy my addiction to pulling in Genshin Impact.

2. Pulls for Bennett, gets two five-stars

This video on YouTube has over 1,200,000 views to date and for good reason. It shows a F2P player who only wants to get Bennett, a four-star Pyro character with great Support abilities. Although it’s never wise to waste your pulls on the banner of a 5-star character you don’t want, sometimes we’re left with no choice. There are Travelers who want the four-star characters with boosted drop rates but have no plans in getting the five-star character.

Check out this lucky pull from a Traveler called ‘mel’ on YouTube. The only reason they pulled on Kazuha’s banner is to get Bennett, the four-star character with a boosted drop rate. This Traveler came in wanting Bennett and came out with Jean and Kazuha, two of the best Anemo characters in my opinion.

3. Blessed by the Dendro Archon in 30 pulls

Tsikyo is an up-and-coming Genshin Impact streamer. In one of her recent videos uploaded on YouTube, the streamer showed just how much HoYoverse favored her over other Travelers. 30 pulls in Genshin Impact would cost you 4800 Primogems, and most of the time, that isn’t enough to get you a five-star character or weapon.

While pulling for Tighnari and Collei, Tsikyo defied the odds and she was able to get what she wanted with just 30 pulls. Aside from getting Tighnari and Collei from his banner, the streamer managed to get his BiS weapon, Hunter’s Path.

The average Genshin Impact player would think twice before pulling on the weapon banner. This is because you’re better off saving your Primogems for characters. But in Tsikyo’s case, it looks like she was blessed by the Dendro Archon herself. This is definitely one of the luckiest pulls in Genshin Impact to date!

4. Genshin Impact Whale gets blessed Yae Miko pulls

Whales are quite literally the backbone of gacha games like Genshin Impact. They bring in a majority of the revenue for a game as big as Genshin Impact and more often than not, they are some of the luckiest sons of a gun we’ve seen. For this particular Traveler, they were already planning on getting Yae Miko to C6, but HoYoverse may have just rewarded him with the best pulls we’ve seen in a while.

It didn’t take him long to refine Kagura’s Verity to R5, too! Talk about HoYoverse picking favorites. And if you hear him say that Yae Miko is worth every Primo… yes. Yes, she is. Make sure to pull for her once her rerun comes around!

5. F2P player gets so-called “streamer luck”

Enviosity is one of the biggest Genshin Impact streamers right now. As part of his streams, he sometimes has viewers send in their account details so he can log on and pull or wish for them. In the video below, we see that this was made sometime during the Eula banner from last year. The streamer clarifies throughout the video that this player was purely F2P, meaning they never bought the Battle Pass, Welkin, nor topped up any Genesis Crystals.

When Enviosity took over the account, he immediately got to work on wishing on the limited-time banner available. With just 10 pulls, the account won the 50/50 pity system not once but twice! 

… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. How come I have to reach hard pity first before getting at least one five-star, HoYoverse?! Do the RNG gods despise me that much?!

Hopefully, all your pulls will be blessed from here on out, Traveler! Maybe some of the luck these players had will rub off on us. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼

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If you have questions about Genshin Impact and its hit-or-miss pity system, feel free to leave it in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content. Happy spooky season, gamers!

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