The Last of Us Part II
Courtesy of Naughty Dog

COVID-19 continues to devastate nations all over the globe, and its impact is starting to be felt in the gaming industry as well. The gaming industry’s issues and those of UK online casinos, of course, are minor compared to the challenges faced by millions of people who are in grave danger across the world. 

Since the cancellation of the Taipei Game Show and Mobile World Congress due to the coronavirus threat, the potential launch of next-generation consoles may be affected as well as the release of much-awaited video games. 

Here are the video games that were announced to have delayed launches due to COVID-19:

Marvel's Iron Man VR
Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

 Iron Man VR

On April 2, 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment made the difficult decision to delay the launch of two games under their brand: Marvel’s Iron Man VR and The Last of Us Part II. The date of release is yet to be announced by SIE. 

Iron Man VR was already delayed once in 2020, but with many new VR games for Playstation, this video game launch delay remained unnoticed for many gamers. One major area of the video gaming industry that was severely affected was quality assurance. The lack of workforce for quality assurance teams across the board has a negative influence on the finishing process of any video game creation. Sony further commented that the COVID-19 outbreak is preventing them from delivering the best launch experience for players. 

Minecraft Dungeons
Courtesy of Xbox Game Studios

Minecraft Dungeons

Although the game developer Mojang never announced the exact release date of Minecraft Dungeons, there was speculation that the closest release window was set to be within April. 

During the first week of April, the company announced that the game would be ultimately delayed until May 26th of this year to ensure the health and wellbeing of its employees. 

Someday You'll Return
Courtesy of CBE Software

Someday You’ll Return

Someday You’ll Return, a horror video game inspired by horror movie blockbusters like Resident Evil, Outlast, and Silent Hill, was expected to launch in April 2020. The walking simulator game features a lot of thrilling puzzle elements, and challenges were even listed as one of the newest games to look out for in 2020. 

The delay of this game is not as long as other video games as its creators announced that they would be pushing back the release until May 5, 2020.

The Last of Us Part II
Courtesy of Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part II

The most significant delay that has affected many players all over the globe is that of The Last of Us Part II by Sony Interactive Entertainment. SIE can’t release a next-generation console before they release one of the biggest killer games of the previous PS generation. 

The Last of Us Part II will get a dual console launch, and this will prove to be a challenging situation for Sony as their diminished workforce will need to work overtime to finally release this much-awaited video game. 

Yes, this probably points toward The Last of Us II getting a dual console release, but that only increases Sony’s workload during a time when the workforce has been relatively massively diminished. 

The video game from Sony and Naughty Dog is expected to be released sooner rather than later, as both companies are finding options for the best way to get the game to all the fans as quickly as possible. Their goal is to polish the release as much as they can, to ensure the best gaming experience to its millions of fans. 

At some point, when things are less crazy and we shift to a new normal way of life, the release of new and best-selling video games will happen, and the gaming industry will bounce back from the global pandemic.