Black Panther: Wakanda Forever characters set to return in MCU’s Phase 5 and 6

Black Panther 2 characters

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever concludes MCU’s Phase 4 with a tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman. The MCU has already gone a long way but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With the 4th phase now wrapping up, a new phase is set to begin. After watching Black Panther 2, there were some major and minor characters that are set to return in the upcoming phases of Marvel’s cinematic universe. Together, let’s find out who these characters are and which movies or shows they might be showing up next.

Shuri as the Black Panther

Black Panther will definitely return to the MCU and Shuri could reprise her role as the new bearer of the title. Though there has been no announcement for a third movie yet, the end credits of Black Panther 2 guaranteed the Wakandan protector will return in the future.

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In the mid-credits scene, Nakia revealed to Shuri that she has a son with King T’Challa. She has brought the boy from Wakanda to keep him away from the pressure of the throne. That being said, Black Panther will still belong to Shuri. In the next phases of MCU, Shuri’s Black Panther could play an integral part in the next Avengers movies.

Riri Williams as Iron Heart

One could argue that Riri Williams is the new Tony Stark. A super genius who has a knack for building technology and has the guts to create the most powerful weapons – yep, sounds just like our Iron Man.

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Riri Williams as Ironheart
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Riri Williams is a young girl who first appeared in Black Panther 2. Additionally, she is set to star in her own series on Disney Plus in 2023 as Ironheart. With a suit inspired by Iron Man plus the Wakandan AI named Griot, Riri has the potential to fill the shoes of Tony Stark in the upcoming years.

Namor as a member of the Illuminati

Namor’s story hasn’t ended in this movie yet. Even after the Wakandan and Talokan war, the world still has no idea of Namor and the Talokan’s existence, his bigger exposure in the MCU is yet to come.


In the comics, Namor is part of the underground group of superheroes called “The Illuminati”. Formed by some of the strongest heroes on Earth like Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Professor X, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, and Namor, this team aims to protect Earth from all the threats it may come across in the future.

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Val (Valentine Allegra de Fontaine) in Thunderbolts

Martin Freeman’s ex-wife, Val, is not yet clear whether she is an ally or an enemy.

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In the comics, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine works for SHIELD but she is actually a sleeper agent working for Hydra. In the MCU, Val could play a pivotal role in assembling the Thunderbolts, a ragtag group of unpredictable characters. We are yet to see which side Val is on.

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