Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga. Those who only want to follow the anime may not want to read further. You have been warned.

We finally get a new Chainsaw Man chapter, and things are getting interesting. The last chapter ended on a cliffhanger when Yoru tried to turn Denji into her signature spinal cord sword. However, Chapter 118 starts by it not affecting Denji. He shrugs, thinks it’s a random greeting she has, and also does it to her comedically.

Why Didn’t Denji Turn into a Sword?

We all know that no one is safe in Chainsaw Man, but why didn’t Denji turn into a sword? There have been lengthy discussions on why the War devil’s powers didn’t work.

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It Doesn’t Work on Hybrids

The most obvious and likely theory is that Yoru’s power doesn’t work on hybrids like Denji. They’re immune to its effects, much like the zombie and doll devil didn’t do anything to him. Since Asa and Yoru don’t know that Denji is Chainsaw Man, they chalk it up as something else, which leads us to the next theory.

Denji Isn’t Interested

There are a lot of nuances to Yoru’s ability to use things and people she owns. One thing that was made apparent in this chapter. Both parties should be interested for a living thing to become weapon. We know that Denji is interested in having a girlfriend or sex. However, Asa and Yoru conclude that her ability didn’t work because Denji isn’t interested.

Asa Should Make the Weapon

Yoru quickly took control of Asa to try and turn Denji into a weapon which didn’t work. One nuance may be because it was Yoru doing it instead of Asa. Some fans believe that it might’ve worked if it was Asa doing it because there was no guilt involved with Yoru. However, some fans don’t think this because guilt is only a measure of the weapon’s power, but this is still a possibility.

What Happens Next in Chainsaw Man?

Innocent Asa agrees to watch DVDs at Denji’s home because going on a movie marathon for a date costs 1000 yen. Denji knows what this could mean, but he is also afraid of one other thing. In the last part of the chapter, he warns Asa that she should follow all the rules in their home or she’s dead. What does Denji mean?

We’re finally returning to Makima/the Control Devil’s incarnation Nayuta. It will be interesting to see the brother/sister dynamic with Denji. She is essentially a child trying to take control of their household. They also have dogs and cats at home. People are also wondering if Yoru would notice the Control devil since they may be related.

Whatever the case, it should be an exciting chapter next week as the second arc develops the characters further.

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