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If you have solid science and math skills and love an environment where you are constantly learning new things, a technology career might be right for you. However, that is a very broad field, so you may want to ask yourself some specific questions to decide what type of tech career you would like to pursue.


How much time do you want to spend in school? Despite stories of tech entrepreneurs dropping out of college to build their startups, in most cases, you will need a degree to advance in your career. However, depending on what you choose, this could range from a two-year associate degree to a doctorate. While you may be concerned about how you will pay for school, you shouldn’t make this concern the thing that limits your options.

You can use scholarships and grants as well as federal and private loans, and since most tech careers tend to be lucrative, you should not have difficulty repaying your loans. In fact, with the help of a student loan repayment calculator, you can estimate what your monthly payments will be. More significant might be realistically assessing your temperament for academia and how much time you want to spend in school versus out in the workforce.

Work Environment

The stereotype of someone who works in a tech career spending all their time with data and machines and very little time with people is not really accurate. That is one possibility, but if you think of yourself as a people person, you can still be happy in this field. For example, web designers and developers need to spend a lot of time talking to clients about their wants and needs, and you must have great communication skills because you are often breaking down technical topics for non-technical people.

The software industry needs salespeople just like any other, and this can allow you to combine your love for building relationships with your understanding of the product. Working at a help desk can be an excellent choice if you are patient and want to assist people. You might also be great in a management position. On the other hand, there are many jobs for introverts as well, including software development, programming, and some data science positions. Another consideration is whether you want a more flexible career that will provide a solid work-life balance.


Do you long to be on the cutting edge, forging new ground, and making discoveries? If so, you might want to work in robotics or artificial intelligence. You could work in the aerospace industry, designing parts for probes that will visit other planets. Another possibility is becoming a professor and doing academic research or starting your own company as a tech entrepreneur. On the other hand, if you thrive in environments that are quieter, more predictable, and routine, there is plenty of work for you as well. Certain industries, such as insurance, banking, and government, are generally seeking reliability over flash and will appreciate someone who can deliver consistent, on-time results.

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