Clash of Clans: Global Chat’s Future

Clash of Clans Global Chat’s Future

Hey chief, we have something important to discuss regarding your favorite game, Clash of Clans. Today marks the game’s 9th anniversary and most of what we said in our previous article, regarding the celebration, is happening. Anyways, fans have been asking a lot of questions about the fate of Global Chat. Some fans were even expecting it to be a surprise during the anniversary celebration. Therefore, this particular article would talk about why it was removed and what to expect for its future.

Why Global Chat?

Global chat was a feature in Clash of Clans that allowed players to interact on a global level and find an appropriate clan. So, all you needed to do for recruitment or scouting was ask in the Global Chat window. It was as simple as that. It made it very easy for players to find the desired clan or invite other players to their clan. You just had to press your case a little and basically create a strong PR for yourselves.

It was very popular among the fans and even after almost 2 years of its removal, fans still want it back. Why won’t they? It was such an easy-to-use feature and also helped in communicating with tons of other people than our clan.


Sadly, Global Chat was removed on 20th September 2019. One might ask that if it was such a great feature, why would Supercell remove it. Well, this is why it was removed. According to Supercell, they did not have any great recruitment method and Global Chat was a great way to do it. They were unwilling to remove it because of this.

Sadly, there were many incidents on Global Chat that were highly offensive and inappropriate. There were some infamous attacks by con artists and anti-social elements who preyed on innocent players. Since Clash of Clans was played by many kids and teenagers, there were some pedophilic attacks on some of the players. All this lead to a, rather understandable, removal of the Globat Chat feature by Supercell.

Its Future

To all the fans asking whether Global Chat would return or not, here is the answer. No, it is not going to return anytime soon. If the reasons for its removal mentioned above aren’t enough, here’s another one. Global Chat required a lot of expense on the part of Supercell, as it had to provide continuous Support and implement Anti-spam and Anti-fraud agents.

So, Global Chat not only proved to be a social menace but also was an expensive affair. It was well thought and examined move by Supercell. Therefore, its chances of return are very bleak to none. Instead, Supercell provided a more enhanced and filter-based recruitment system, though it is not very popular among the fans. If you are not a fan of the new recruitment system, you can try joining Reddit communities and other forums related to Clash of Clans instead. But as for Globat Chat, no, it won’t be returning.

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5 thoughts on “Clash of Clans: Global Chat’s Future”

  1. Why is not global chat won’t be back evrey one likes it. And also why is CLASH-A-ARAMA stop making short movies we use to like them.

  2. HI, I would like to suggest global chat with selected comments, if you know what I mean. For example, a fixed comment ‘ I need a clan’ or ‘Yes’ and ‘no’ etc.

  3. Was fun and me and my 2 max accounts are done. I will come back like so many others it chat comes back. If supercell wasn’t so lazy all they needed to do was ban the players being offensive and not penalize everyone. Just wish I knew this before I spent so much money.

  4. Gamers just missing the global chat because of the conversation outside the clan that gamers could do for their extra time. Though, I agree that it is not a great way of recruitment. Maybe if the coc become popular again, the global chat will be back.

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