Devil Fruits Explained for those Returning To One Piece

One Piece Devil Fruits

Red-haired Shanks first defined Devil fruits as the power bestowed upon the world by Sea Devils. In exchange for the power obtained, however, the mighty sea engulfs the person. It leaves them incapable of swimming. Oda, if anything, is a master craftsman – a story craftsman. The world of One Piece is not only alluring in the depths of its character but is primarily known for its jaw-dropping expanse of world-building.

If you think about it, it’s a brilliant idea. Put a world dominated by phenomena called Devil Fruits and then make it so that the user of the Devil Fruit is deprived of his ability to swim. Especially so when almost all the Devil Fruit users (with the exceptions of non-pirates and Marine officers) are Pirates. The breath of their lives depends upon their voyages out on the mighty ocean.

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We also have something called Haki which is understood as the manifestation of the user’s will. Haki and Devil Fruits are two very crucial concepts that dominate the foundation of the One Piece world. Yet only little has been explained to justify their presence in the narrative structure.

Kizaru’s Light Beam Attack

So how much do we exactly know about the power structure of the fruits in the world of One Piece? Perhaps you’re new to One Piece or perhaps you’re returning from a 10-year-old journey into the real world away from the One Piece universe. (No fret given that One Piece is such an age-old story running since 1997.) Nonetheless, you are more than welcome as we revisit the basics of storytelling in One Piece: Devil Fruits. (We have kept it free of the latest manga spoilers.)

What Are Devil Fruits in One Piece?

Devil Fruits in One Piece

Devil Fruits are said to be the reincarnation of the powers of the Sea Devil, manifested in the form of a fruit. Even one bite from a devil fruit suffices to give you devil-like powers. They are mystical and endless in their manifestation. There could be hundreds of different Fruits, all with their own specific powers.

The first time we are introduced to the Fruits is very early – in the hands of Red-Haired Shanks. Actually, Devil Fruits are the very onset of the world of One Piece. When Luffy swallows a purple-colored fruit whole, the most famous Yonko who was then a formidable pirate loses his shit. 

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Ace can turn himself into fire

Devil Fruits Overview

  • The fruits usually taste very bad. So bad it could make you puke and yet only one bite is enough. But almost all the users shown to have eaten it seems to have eaten it entirely.
  • The fruits’ powers are gained in an instant, although the practical mastery of its application can take time. However with enough dedication, one can master his devil fruit abilities.

    Devil Fruits in One Piece
    Luffy Adjusting to his Powers
  • Devil Fruits affect something called Lineage Factor, which is the DNA equivalent of the real world in One Piece. A person can affect his Lineage Factor in other ways but Devil Fruits are the most notably common.
  • The Fruits do not affect the user’s lineage in itself. As seen in Big Mom Pirates, where despite being a fruit user, Linlin’s sons and daughters did not transmit similar powers through genetics.

What If A Fruit User Ate A Second Fruit?

  • Jabra from CP9 once mentioned that devils lived inside the fruits. When one eats it, the devil is transferred to the soul of the person. If one person eats another then a second devil enters their body. What results then is a series of battles between both the devils which tears the user apart into ash.
Devil Fruits in One Piece
What if Someone ate a second devil fruit?

People can not eat a second devil fruit, and usually, stories of such have left a horrid stench. Those who attempt usually get torn into pieces, disappearing immediately.

Devil Fruits are Really Mysterious and Unexplained

  • It is currently unknown what devil fruits actually are. There is no proof or evidence to showcase their origins. Very little is known about them even in the world of One Piece itself, entire villages may go unaware of what devil fruits are. The oldest Fruit user is Kozuki Toki, who was born 800 years ago.
Devil Fruits in One Piece
Blackbeard The Yonko
  • Yonko Marshall D. Teach and his crew. have shown abilities to steal the powers of a dead fruit user as seen when Blackbeard completely takes the powers of Whitebeard. Again how such a feat was done is still not explained.


Spoiler Warning: Skip this part if you don’t want to be spoiled

There is speculation that Shanks actually was tasked with finding the reincarnation of Joyboy. The mission was to loot a Marine War Ship carrying the Gomu Gomu no Mi which is actually the Zoan Type devil fruit of the ancient mystical deity Sun God Nica. Shanks would have then searched the world for Joyboy’s reincarnation and given him the Gomu Gomu no Mi. But when Luffy swallowed the fruit, Shanks lost his shit. But the strings of fate dance and here we are, with the rightful heir of the Gomu Gomu no Mi getting what he deserves. (All too coincidentally, which isn’t that strange.)

The Three Types of Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits manifest in multiple ways, but can usually be classified into three categories.


Devil Fruits in One Piece Paramecia type
Nico Robin’s Paramecia type devil fruit
  • Any fruit that isn’t Loga or Zoan, is Paramecia. Buggy can split his body into several parts.
  • Luffy can make himself rubbery (Ahem, ahem) Whitebeard could create shockwaves from the palm of his hands.
  • Paramecia are the most common of all three types. Basically, Paramecia are manifestations of the supernatural, of the tangible transition of reality.


Devil Fruits in One Piece
Akainu’s Magma Mortar
  • Usually, the strongest; Logia type devil fruits allow the user to change himself or control an elemental attribute.
  • The user becomes intangible, as seen with Ace who can turn himself into the fire. Or Smoker who can turn into a mist. Crocodile can turn himself into sand and has even shown the ability to absorb moisture.
  • These users gain all abilities that are naturally part of the element itself.  These fruit users cannot be hit by physical objects, as they would simply pass through them. Now that’s a problem.
Kizaru’s Light Beam Attack

Logia-type devil fruits are the rarest. Although not as rare as mystical Zoan types, which we will get into next.


Devil Fruits in One Piece ancient zoan
Mythical Zoan Phoenix Marco, First Commander of White Beard pirates
  • Zoan devil fruits are perhaps the most interesting, as it allows them to transform into different creatures. Mainly there are animal-turning fruits, in which the user can transform into an animal.
  • But there are also cases where the user can turn into a hybrid of their own species. There is also the special Hito Hito no Mi as possessed by Chopper. The fruit allows the user to turn into a human or hybrid human form. Chopper is a hybrid human and Reindeer.
  • Zoan types as per the latest manga revelations the most compact. While Logia-type users are the strongest on average, certain Zoan-type devil fruit users are so strong they can break the moon in half. 
  • These users usually have eaten either an Ancient or Mythical Zoan devil fruit. Ancient Zoans can turn into ancient creatures, like Dinosaurs or mammoths. Mythical Zoan devil fruits are in a league of their own.
Devil Fruits in One Piece zoan type
Ancient Zoan Type Devil Fruit Users

Sengoku can turn into a Buddha. Marco is capable of turning into a phoenix. Both have mythical zoan-type devil fruits. 

Artificial Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits in One Piece Clown Caesar
Caesar Clown in Punk Hazard
  • Artificial devil fruits are created using SAD which is a substance produced in the lab in  Punk Hazard. These fruits are called SMILE and were produced by They were formerly manufactured by Donquixote Doflamingo and Caesar Clown.
  • Caesar Clown had succeeded in something Vegapunk failed: to create artificial devil fruits. This is done by interfering with the Lineage Factor of an individual through the SAD. The punk hazard arc was especially important in this regard.
Devil Fruits in One Piece SMILE
  • SMILEs are usually limited in their power, and can only give Zoan abilities. It’s because SAD is created by using Lineage Factor of animals. Only 10% of the users survive experiments involving it. The rest often lose their ability to swim while also losing any innate ability to express emotions. Hundreds of children were experimented upon in Punk Hazard.
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Devil Fruit Awakenings

Devil Fruit Powers can in instances awaken whereby their innate abilities are significantly increased. Doflamingo first displayed this in Dresserosa, where he said that what we see in devil fruits are actually merely the surface. Sometimes the power awakens, allowing the users to affect things beyond them. Awakened individuals show greater power, not just in their devil fruit power but also in better-refined control over it. However, the effects change depending upon what type of fruit it is.

Kaidou describes that when one’s body, soul, and mind finally reach up to the true depths of the devil fruits capacities, that’s when a user awakens. It Takes time to fully master awakened powers. Not mastering the powers may take a toll on the user. Very little is known about awakening as of yet, especially of mythical zoan type awakenings.


one piece kaido
Kaidou, one of the four emperor

The fruits are an innate part of what makes the world of One Piece so interesting. With One Piece’s latest manga developments, awakening has become an even more crucial part of the story. Almost all the enemies Luffy has faced in the grand line consisted of one or more devil fruit users, while in the blue line he had only met 3. At one point it can be considered that the fruits are the primary power mechanics of One Piece, along with Haki (which is a topic for another day). If you ever ate a fruit, what kind of powers would you want for yourself? Comment down below as we bring to you more of Gaming, Cinema, News, and Anime.

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