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Genshin Impact took an interesting and dark story turn in Enkanomiya, the most recent zone in version 2.4. Enkanomiya is a sprawling, ruined area set to an abyss-like backdrop, that gives it an ethereal feel. Within that darkness are strange, spectral beings called “Shades of Tokoyo”.

These shades take the vague form of a human shape, though they appear dark and featureless; they seem to be not alive, but not completely passed on either, like Schroedinger’s NPC. In Enkanomiya, the Shades of Tokoyo cast the memories into the plane of the present from far back in the past, leaving their thoughts to persist (and to be interacted with) long after their bodies have been gone. 

Enkanomiya Questline

  • It’s an interesting story concept, and it lends itself well to a theoretical discussion about interpreting the memories of people after we die. The Shades of Tokoyo project powerful and impactful memories that have meaning, and since these memories are integral to completing the questline in Enkanomiya, we can interact with these thoughts to help us move forward and progress.
  • That idea has an interesting parallel between storytelling and our reality. There are two types of particularly compelling memories that persist for people in our world after the people who espouse them are gone.

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  • One type is memories that are impactful and felt across the world by prominent individuals, who spoke of thoughts or ideas that are relatable to many, and which permeate our lives both while they were alive, and well into the future. The other type is poignant memories of those personally close to us, which we carry with us like a piece of them after they are gone. 
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First Type of Memories

The first type of memory remains due to how ideologically influential they were to humanity. The speeches and actions of individuals who recognized the need for positive change, who chose to devote their lives to that ideal, and who were successful in creating positive ripples in the world have the consequences of their efforts still in effect long after they leave us.

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As a populous, we tend to echo and remember the words of these prominent individuals. Those words represent the potential that we could be striving for. Their intent becomes a notable part of our history. With any luck, we sometimes have the luxury of trying to learn from it in the future. Whether we can or not is another story, but the reminder is strong enough to embed itself into our collective thoughts, not unlike a memory from a long since dissipated shadow.

Second Type of Memories

The second type of memory remains in our hearts, due to how personally meaningful the person who created those memories is to us. Our emotional attachment to that person makes us want to carry those parts of them with us, as a reminder of how important they were to us and what their life meant. In a way, the best of our loved ones follow us, like a shadow, advising us with their wisdom and passion that we recall sometimes when we lose our way. 

If that isn’t a form of keeping someone’s memories in our plane to help us get through difficult times (like a quest), then I’m not sure what is.

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