Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Release Date, Gohan Ultra Instinct, and More

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date, Gohan Ultra Instinct, and More

When it comes to the world of anime, Dragon Ball is one of the most popular series since over 3 and a half decades. Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama have been consistently providing amazing content for our beloved anime and manga series. What was supposed to initially end with the Frieza Saga is still going strong. The Universe Survival saga of Dragon Ball Super breathed new life into the series and fan have been rooting for more ever since.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date and Plot

The last we saw of the popular anime series was in 2018 in the form of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Ever since then manga has progressed quite a lot but anime side has stayed largely silent. That was until now as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is all set to debut in April and Dragon Ball Super Season 2 might be following it soon as well. After the recent Akio Iyoku interview with the official Dragon Ball website, Dragon Ball Super Season 2 hype is back.

This is because he teased that “something other than the movie” will come out this year. Though it could be something else, but our bid is on Dragon Ball Super Season 2. Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will most probably follow the manga and we’ll see the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga and The Moro Arc. But we have often seen anime diverting from manga and this is one of the things we desperately want to see.

Gohan’s Well Deserved Transformation

Gohan, who was once the most powerful Dragon Ball character has seen quite a downwards journey. Dragon Ball Super’s Universe Survival Saga did try to boost him, but they have damaged him a lot. Ever since Dragon Ball Z’s first season it was showcased that Gohan has unlimited potential, and it was foreshadowed that he will surpass Goku. That did happen in the Cell Saga where Gohan went SSJ2 for the first-time surpassing everyone in DBZ at that point.

In Buu saga as well Gohan’s mystical training was hyped and built up a lot only for him to fail in the end. Once again it was Goku who saved everyone by going SSJ3. Since then, Gohan retired and lost his touch. However, towards the end of Dragon Ball Super he was more powerful than ever but still not powerful enough. In my honest opinion, it was Gohan who deserved the Ultra Instinct form and not Goku.

Gohan has spent a lot of time meditating and attaining the Mystical form and that is what made him the top contender for Ultra Instinct. Ultra Instinct involves being calm and letting go while having unlimited potential. To me that is the definition of Gohan and not Goku. Not that I am opposed to Goku going Ultra Instinct but it was Gohan who deserved it more. This is exactly what many fans are rooting to see – Gohan surpassing everything and everyone and unlocking his full potential. It is time to give some justice to Gohan and let him be what he was promised to be.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Release Date, Gohan Ultra Instinct, and More”

  1. Just from one of the biggest Dragon Ball, BDZ and DBS fans ever. Goku reached ultra instinct in the Dragon Ball series not Dragon Ball Super. It’s like calling the moon the sun… “Autonomous Ultra Instinct” Just a little difference.

  2. Mitchell E. Cumbie Jr.

    Goku might have unlocked similar powers in Dragon Ball, but he did not unlock Autonomous Ultra Instinct (Complete Form) until Episode 130 of Dragon Ball Super. Now Ultra Instinct isn’t only about the moves it also comes with the look to because look at all the angels, their hair is white every single one of them. And Whis also said that MUI is hard for even the most powerful destroyer gods to achieve he did not say that the Guardian Angles couldn’t achieve it.

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