Everything We Know About ‘MAFIA III’

“You want me to keep going, you got nine more.”

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) gave us some astonishing upcoming games for the year. Out of all of them, we got to see Mafia III. A new instalment for the popular action-adventure series Mafia. 2K Czech and Hangar 13 are ready to come up with a remarkable action-adventure game for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Playstation 4, Xbox One this October 17th 2016.

The story sets in the year 1968s. That’s right, in the ’60s in New Bordeaux, Hangar 13’s recreation of New Orleans. The game begins with an African-American black character named Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam war veteran and an orphan from the streets of New Bordeaux. Since Lincoln here is a war veteran, this time we’ll see stealth abilities of the character unlike in Mafia II, where you go out guns blazing, killing everyone with a Tommy gun.

So after serving in Vietnam, Lincoln comes back to his hometown and decides to rejoin his old black-mob, and finds out that his old mob has been wiped out by the Italian mob. After losing his only family, Lincoln decides to recreate his own criminal organization and get revenge over the Italian mob and pretty much get control over New Bordeaux.

So the things that made the game spectacular is the environment, the actions and the retro style outfits. Hangar 13 went completely nuts over their recreated style of New Orleans, giving out the colours, lights, jazz, American muscle cars and what really flipped my mind is the famous French quarter present in New Orleans. The old colonial French houses and street really made the game a class apart. And the actions are really next level, we got stealth kills, combo punches, bloody kills with guns and knives and lastly “TAKEDOWNS!“. Yeah! They are just out of my head!

Back with the storyline. So after Lincoln sets to wipe out the Italian mob for revenge by taking out ‘Sal Marcano’, who’s pretty much the so-called ‘Don’ of the Italian mob, makes his money from sex trade, drugs, selling guns and pretty much everything in the criminal stuff. So Lincoln plans to take down his business, which he can’t do it alone. He helps out other people who would love to see Sal Marcano fall. So Lincoln recruits three lieutenant Cassandra, Thomas Burke and Vito Scaletta.

Cassandra is the leader of Haitian gang in New Bordeaux, Burke runs an Irish gang and now plans to see him dead for his personal vendetta and Scaletta… Oh, this guy brings back the old days of Mafia II, this guy here is a real badass, a WWII veteran who wants to see Marcano fall. I personally like Scaletta, cause this guy means business plus he is the real meaning of badass. So do check out Mafia III E3 Trailer below for guns blazing, cars flying, bullets flying and my personal favourite quote from Scaletta, “YOU WANT ME TO KEEP GOING, YOU GOT NINE MORE!!

What’re your views on Mafia III, did we miss anything, do let us know in the comments section below. Suggestions are always accepted.

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