OSRS 2020: Morytania Expansion – Everything You Need to Know

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Earlier this month at RuneFest 2019, game developer Jagnex revealed that the Morytania expansion is coming to OSRS in 2020. The expansion is set to come to OSRS sometime in early 2020 and has a bunch of new and exciting content for players. Let’s take a look. 

Sins of the Father

The Morytania expansion comes with a new quest called Sins of the Father. The questline expands on the Myreque quest series and brings with it a new boss called Nightmare of Ashihama and access to a new city. 

There are requirements for Sins of the Father and these include the completion of the A Taste of Hope and Vampire Slayer questlines, as well as some skill requirements. The skills requirements are as follows:

62 Woodcutting
60 Fletching
56 Crafting
52 Agility
50 Attack
50 Slayer
49 Magic 


The quest will see you come face to face with Vampyre Overlord Lord Lowerniel Drakan, the current tyrant of Morytania, and allow you access to the vampyre capital city of Darkmeyer. Darkmeyer is currently inaccessible in the game, so players are excited to finally get to roam the vampiric streets of Moryania’s capital.

Players will have unrestricted access to the city if they survive the quest, and also gain a bunch of other rewards. These rewards include:

2 Quest Points
Improved Ivandis Flail
New Drakan’s Medallion teleports
3 Tomes of Experience (3 x 15,000 XP) 

The city of Darkmeyer is split into three tiers, with each tier being home to a specific class of vampyre. Tier one is home to juvenile and juvinate vampyres. Tier two is home to Vyrewatch, vyrelords, vyreladies, and Elite Vyrewatch. Lastly, tier three is home to Elite Vyrewatch, vyrelords and vyreladies. Players with a Thieving skill of 60 and above will be able to pickpocket vyrelords and vyreladies, who will have their own loot table which includes Blood Shards. 

There will be lots of other new content within Darkmeyer such as an essence mine, and a new chance at obtaining the Hallowed Mark. 

The essence mine will be located within the city and allows players to mine for raw daeyalt, which can get used to daeyalt shards, which can then be converted into daeyalt essence. Daeyalt essence functions the same as Pure Essence, so we may see the economy fluctuate and the price of OSRS Gold change if Daeyalt essence turns out to be tradeable like Pure Essence. 

Within Darkmeyer, there will also be a crypt called The Hallowed Sepulchre where you have the chance of obtaining the Hallowed Mark. Players will be granted a limited amount of time to raid the crypt which is full of tombs. The tombs can be searched to find valuable items for players to steal, and it will have its loot table. There are five levels to the crypt, and each level up requires a higher Agility skill level to access. Level 1 starts at 52 Agility, and by level 5 you need 92 Agility in order to gain access. 

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