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Elden Ring, like all other RPGs, rewards you for defeating foes with XP and other goodies like runes and equipment. You’ll use the in-game currency runes to level up your class’s stats, allowing you to boost your HP, Stamina, and MP. As well as equip armor and weapons based on the stats you choose to improve.

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Elden Ring has a respec or reset stats option, it’s critical to level the stats that are crucial to your build first. This article will explain which stats are best for certain classes and what each stat provides for your character.

Character Stats – Attributes

Character Attributes are the primary stats that you will level up using Runes in Elden Ring. Each Attribute unlocks a variety of offensive and defensive abilities, as well as passive talents that can help you win battles. Attributes are the basic foundation of your character.

It’s also worth noting that depending on the attribute you level up, certain attributes provide additional bonus damage or defense on either magic or physical attacks. Some players want to create their toons as balanced as possible; some rely on sheer damage (glass cannons), some on two types of specialty (hybrid builds), and others, well, they can do whatever they want with their toon.

You can make whatever you want according to your preferences. It would simply be easier and more enjoyable if you could maximize and build the best toon in your class.

This is debatable, as various players have different playstyles, so unless you say so, there is no perfect build for a specific class. The goal of every participant in this game is to become the best in Elden Ring. And we’re here to share some information with you if you’d want to learn more about each attribute. Enjoy!

Increases the number of items found Increased Holy & Death Resistance
Allows for the use of incantations and sorcery
Faster Hemorrhage Buildup during attacks
Physical Damage is Increased Reduced Fall Damage (High Ground & While Riding Torrent)
Casting Time Is Reduced
Stamina is improved Increased Frostbite & Hemorrhage Resistance
Strengthens Physical Defense
Increased Equip Load
Increases the number of Incantations available for use
Magical Damage is increased
Increases the number of Sorceries available
Magical Damage is increased
Boosts Magic Defense
Boosts FP Increased Sleep & Madness Resistance
Increases Focus
Equip Load is Increased
Physical Damage is Increased
HP is boosted Increased Scarlet Rot, Poison & Fire Resistance
Enhances Immunity

HP, FP, & Stamina Explained

  • HP – Health Points, Health Pool

    Screengrab Courtesy of Skumnut via YouTube
    • Usually displayed in percentage or a number on your screen. This stat primarily reflects your toon’s durability. The more health points you have, the more damage you can take from opponents, depending on your build and the type of attack you’re enduring.
    • Low-HP characters will almost certainly require a high-IQ mechanic enabler to go through the majority of Elden Ring’s content. A player with superb dodging mechanics and properly timed attacks can turn a low-hp, high-damage character into a deadly assassin.
    • If you’re just a casual gamer, I recommend going with a higher HP build as it will help you last longer in combat.
    • Do not Replenish overtime.
  • FP – Focus Points, Focus Pool (aka as MP in other RPGs)

    Screengrab Courtesy of Skumnut via YouTube
    • This lets you summon spirits, cast spells, and use Ashes of War.
    • Casters usually increase their Focus/Mana Pool so that they can cast more spells during battle. You can cast more spells if you have more Mana. This is frequently associated with a strong dexterity build, as dexterity reduces casting time.
    • Any caster with high magic damage combined with a large pool of Focus Points and Dexterity will be lethal. Enemies will find it difficult to engage since they will die before they can get close enough to hit you.
    • Do not Replenish overtime.
  • Stamina

    Screengrab Courtesy of Skumnut via YouTube
    • Allows you to use your shield to block damage, roll, and attack. This increases your chances of surviving battles. You’ll get a chance to strike foes if you time your dodges precisely.
    • As previously said, a high stamina toon can survive and beat the game if a skilled player with fairly low HP but a high damage build toon has good timing and high IQ mechanics. They are also capable of defeating other players in PVP.
    • Stamina is Replenished Overtime.
  • Equip Load

    Screengrab Courtesy of Skumnut via YouTube
    • Has a direct impact on a character’s ability to move and dodge.
    • As in real life, this makes perfect sense. If you pack a lot of gear on a hike, you should be able to live as long as you don’t come across any wild creatures. If you don’t have heavy items to carry, you’ll be able to flee risky situations faster. Let’s say you see a big spider chasing you. I’d rather flee and leave my belongings behind.
    • This is also the case with Elden Ring. The percentage of your equip load will determine the speed of your dodge rolls and your toon’s mobility speed. The more weight you have, the slower you move.

      Screengrab Courtesy of Skumnut via YouTube
0% – 29.9% Quick Roll
30.0% – 69.9% Quick Roll
70.0% – 99.9% Slow Roll with -20% FP Regen Penalty
100.0%+ Can’t Roll, Slow Movement Speed
  • Memory Slot

    Screengrab Courtesy of Skumnut via YouTube
    • Set the number of spell slots available to your character. Throughout your quest, you’ll come across Memory Stones that will boost this stat.
    • Maximum Slots in single playthrough = 10.
      • 8 from Memory Stones obtained around the Lands Between.
      • 2 from the start of the game.
  • Discovery

    Screengrab Courtesy of Skumnut via YouTube
    • This determines the chance of opponents dropping loot when they die.
    • Improving Arcane plus item-drop-increase equipment/material will boost this Stat.
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