Valve finally released the latest operation for CSGO just a few days ago after a gap of almost two years. While the update brought a lot of exciting features, many players are facing considerable FPS Drops in the game. If you are one of them, here is an easy fix.

General FPS Drop Issues

[FIX] :

– Close your game.
– Go To Panorama Folder then Video Folder.
– Except for the “Intro” and “Trailer”, delete everything else.
– Run CS:GO.

Note -: This is neither modifying the game’s files by any means, nor are we touching the .exe and .dll files, so you wouldn’t be getting a VAC ban for this, and it is completely safe.

Sudden Drop of FPS, old issue

Sometimes while playing on community servers /matchmaking, your FPS suddenly drops considerably.

There is an easy workaround for this, you just need to type the following in console and you can bind a key for it as well.


Credits to Mayukh Kundu for the fixes.


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