FlipTop: Top 10 best rap battle emcees in the Philippines

FlipTop top 10 emcees

FlipTop has been entertaining the Filipinos for more than a decade now and it has produced some of the best talents we have ever seen. There have been numerous battle rappers who have showcased their skills on the biggest Philippine rap battle league. Without further ado, let’s rank the top 10 best Filipino rap battle emcees today.

10. Zaito (Predo Canon Jr.)

Zaito may be one funny dude, but he is a beast when it comes to freestyling. His only weakness is occasionally choking in battles which puts him last on this list.

Regardless, Zaito is a tough matchup especially if he is prepared. Overall, he is one of the most poetic and most creative emcees in FlipTop history. He’s been known for his funny and comedic approach to rap battles and has been around the league since it began in 2010. He may not be the best in hip-hop history, but he definitely captured the heart of his Filipino fans.

9. Sinio (Joseph Martin Cagasan)

This may trigger some of his fans, but we’re going to drop this anyway. The “Joker”, Sinio, is widely beloved by a lot of FlipTop fans because of his well-thought rebuttals and his infamous “real jokes”. He may have even surpassed the OG rebuttal king, Dello, who have long retired from rap battles.

Sinio has a knack for attacking his opponents from any angle. May it be personal, but no one is getting away from his heavy hitters. He may not be the best when it comes to writing lines, but he’s great when it comes to utilizing a single word to create a setup. Nonetheless, he’s ranked 9th on our list.

8. Mhot (Thomas Lynmuel)

The youngest emcee on our list is no other than the 2017 Rookie of the Year and Isabuhay 2017 Champion, Mhot, or known as Thomas Lynmuel in real life.

Mhot made “Baliktaran” (reverse wordplay) his thing every time he battles. Although he wasn’t the first one to use this style, he finessed this way of attack. It was proven to be effective as it allowed him to win battles and one Isabuhay championship. The young artist still has a long way to go and maybe someday, he’ll reach the pinnacle of rap battle emcees.

7. Sixth Threat

Sixth Threat, the Filipino rapper from Davao, Philippines, followed the footsteps of one of the best Southerners in FlipTop history (Sak Maestro).

The rapper is already considered a veteran considering he has only been in the spotlight in 2017. Although he lost in Isabuhay 2017, he redeemed himself after becoming the eventual champion 2 years later, in Isabuhay 2019. He has only logged a total of 10 battles, but it was obvious he was already on the same level as legendary emcees like BLKD, Loonie, Sak Maestro, Sur Henyo, and many more.

6. Tipsy D (Mark Kevin Andrade)

Even if you “travel back in time” using the “time machine”, you’d still acknowledge Tipsy D as one of the best rappers of our generation. (If you saw what we did there, you’re a real FlipTop fan!)

Tipsy D  (Bataan Hip-hop Movement) of Bataan rose to fame in the early 2010s. His major breakthrough was during the “Dos-Por-Dos” or the two-on-two competition where he faced off against Loonie and Abra. At the time, it was evident Tipsy D would go on to become a tough opponent for every emcee in the future. Some of his fans have declared him to be the “Uncrowned King” because he hasn’t won a championship yet. Today, he is still battling in FlipTop. On some days, he also likes to make cooking videos on his YouTube channel.

5. Apekz (Mark Anthony Cadiente)

Derived from the word Apex (peak/highest point), the alleged seafarer turned rap artist began his rap battle journey back when FlipTop wasn’t still popular. The once baby-faced assassin (due to his cute face) became a monster on the stage a few years later.

At the beginning of his career, Apekz was known for his funny joke scheme. That style was loved by his fans but he slowly turned to a stronger and more berserk type of emcee as time went by.

4. Sak Maestro (Hansel Cabo)

When your name always comes up when a “ghost writer” for another emcee is being tackled, more times than not, you’re one heck of a lyricist in the game.

The Davao phenom, Sak Maestro, has always been accused of writing lines for Sinio and Tipsy D. While there are just rumors, the teacher from down south truly is one of the most prominent and most talented icons in FlipTop. He and Zaito are the best freestyle artists in the league. But, when Sak Maestro has a verse prepared beforehand, it’s almost game over for the matchup.

3. Batas (Mark Rodriguez)

Despite sounding a bit awkward, Batas’ four-bar setup has been proven effective at battles. Having won not just one, but two Isabuhay championships definitely say so. Even more, he won it two times in a row.

Some have tried it, but his unorthodox style is extremely difficult to copy. As a result, he has the most unique lines that still live up to this day. On a good day, Batas is a champion-worthy rapper. He may use a lot of vulgarity and profanity, but his skills are unmatched.

2. BLKD (Allan Enriquez)

We are all sure that, BLKD (pronounced as Balakid), is in the top five list of your top five emcees. He has said it before and we are saying it again.

BLKD the game changer is just like Batman. When he is fully prepared and given enough time, his opponents must brace themselves for a bloody fight. BLKD is one of the pioneers of FlipTop and is still an active member of the league. He has also mentored a lot of young guys. As great as BLKD is, it’s quite odd that he never won an Isabuhay championship. Although, he came close to the trophy back in the 2013 finals, but lost to the eventual champion Aklas.

1. Loonie

Of course, the right hand of the Filipino hip-hop legend and late rapper/celebrity Francis Magalona would definitely get the nod as the best rap battle emcee as of this date.

The 2016 Isabuhay champion has it all. Bars, Jokes, Multisyllabic rhymes, Word-play, and everything you can find in the playbook, Loonie has it all.

Do you agree with our list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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1 thought on “FlipTop: Top 10 best rap battle emcees in the Philippines”

  1. In terms of “battle strength”, imo, here’s I think were the top ten:
    1. Mhot
    2. Loonie
    3. Tipsy D
    4. BLKD
    5. Sak Maestro
    6. M Zhayt
    7. Batas
    8. Sixth Threat
    9. Shehyee
    10. Pistolero

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