Fortnite timber pines
All Timber Pines locations in Fortnite and how to knock them down? (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite is one of the most creative and most-played games available in the gaming market right now. Despite being an immensely popular FPS title, the game allows its players to make use of the mechanics with full freedom. That is one of the prime reasons behind its huge fan following.

The recent 24.30 update has enabled players to enjoy their favorite Star Wars content in the game as they make use of the new skins, cosmetics, and abilities in it. However, one of the older mechanics, the Timber Pines has a new method for them to be knocked down. Moreover, several new locations have been added in Chapter 4 Season 2. Moreover, these enormous trees have some great benefits during combat. Therefore, keep reading as this article reveals all the locations of Timber Pines and how to knock them in Fortnite.

Exploring all the Timber Pine locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Timber Pines are a very abundant resource in Fortnite as they are available in a lot of places. The major use of these gigantic trees is to injure and damage the opponent’s HP bars as they fall on them. You have to knock them down to complete this task.

Fortnite Timber pine locations
Fortnite Timber Pine locations (Image via Fortnite.GG)

The Timber Pines are readily available in the dry and orange areas of the map, alongside the Japanese locations. Although these trees are a very abundant resource, you will not find them in the snow-capped regions of the map. Anvil Square, Mega City, and Kenjutsu Crossing are some of the best areas to search for these huge trees.

How to knock down the Timber Pines?

Fortnite Timber pine locations
Knockdown Timber Pines with your Lightsaber (Image via Score)

There are two ways to knock down the Timber Pines in Fortnite:

  1. Conventional Method: You can take out your pickaxe and hit the tree until it falls. Likewise, you can keep shooting the tree with your gun for it to fall at your desired location.
  2. Using the Force or a Lightsaber: This is a newly added and more fun way to knock down these Timber Pines during the Star Wars event. Found generally in the southwest of the Frenzy Fields, Anakin or Darth Maul will be available to teach your Force skills. Once you interact with them, you will have some newly learned Force skills and a Lightsaber in your arsenal. Use these to hit the trees and knock them down at your desired location. Keep in mind that this is a much faster and safer way to knock them down.

This was everything you had to know about the Timber Pines and how to knock them in Fortnite.

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