Fortnite Racing Map Codes – June 2022

Pedal to the metal! Strap your seatbelts and prepare to shift your gears! Let’s take things to the next level as we bring you our best picks for Fortnite Race Map together with their codes for this month (June 2022).

Top Fortnite Race Maps (and their respective codes)

Today, we will be handing out the best of the best race maps available in Fortnite from various creators. We love everyone so much that we want you to enjoy every single bit of each one of them. Read down below to learn about our top picks in no particular order.

Rockets VS Cars 6917-0451-1376
Rockets VS Cars (XP Enabled) 7299-0990-8460
Rockets VS Cars (Frosty) 2223-8190-0505
Rockets VS Cars (Ultimate) 0211-7730-5637
Speed Chaser: Cold Summit Racing 7752-2564-1461
Speed Chaser: Crazy Atlantis Racing 5739-9387-0019
Speed Chaser: Crazy Space Racing 0542-3642-4237
Frontal Crashes 6130-1432-8382
Figure 8 Jump Race 8551-3819-8153
Moto Xc Race 6275-6157-1255
Speed Fast 3990-1772-7482
Woodland Racer 3979-1642-8658
The Race Impossible To Finish 9800-9093-5856
Snowy Slopes 7534-1592-6293
Course De Voiture 1512-0321-0819
Police Chase Vs Thieves 0914-7319-2590
Lamborghini Race 8411-1140-2729
50 Level Race 2.0 0942-4697-1406
Marina Bay Street Circuit 7211-1202-5947
Logitech G435 Parkour Fun Run 7673-9745-4093
Crazy Hockey 8871-0066-6184
Chaos Color Switch 9510-5510-7139
1v1 Edit Course 12 Players 7146-3183-5381
Truck Pursuit 7832-3964-5638
Sandy Stags International Circuit 3738-3547-7082
Wrc Rallye Of Monza 9898-0310-5923
Just Drive 7882-5895-5239
Squid Game The Glass Bridge Escape 2865-1481-0812

Rockets VS Cars

Screengrab Courtesy of Axvezer Fortnite (via YouTube)

Obviously, our number one pick, the Rockets VS Cars race map is unlike any other. There’s nothing more satisfying and thirst-quenching than racing against rockets. Enjoy this whimsical yet thrilling map by taking down enemy cars as a sniper or test your driving skills as the opposing driver on the ramps. Because it has been a fan favorite since it was made, the map birthed three more versions (XP Enabled, Frosty, and Ultimate).

Figure 8 Jump Race

Screengrab Courtesy of beatz (via YouTube)

Created by benz4ducks, Figure 8 Jump Race map is fairly similar to Rockets VS Cars. First, you have to avoid getting crushed by rockets while also completing insane stunts. This action-filled map is extremely fun and a great place to show your hidden driving talents.

Speed Chaser

Screengrab Courtesy of beatz (via YouTube)

Another map that created multiple spinoffs is the Speed Chaser map. Though its the usual race track for everyone, the spinoffs are diverse depictions of various places on the island like the Cold Summit, Atlantis, and Space.

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Which map do you think deserves to be loved the most? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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