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An MGM+ hidden gem is running right under your noses as one of the company’s original TV series just got renewed for another season. The horror mystery series From is yet to get its deserved recognition as a fantastic show. You have probably not heard of this must-watch series yet, but we got you covered. We are breaking down some reasons why you need to watch From as soon as possible.

What is ‘From’ all about?

From is an MGM+ original series that revolves around a group of people trapped in a mysterious town in America. Although the small hidden town looks pretty normal for an outback place, there is something very strange in the area. For some reason, anyone who reaches the destination is trapped and can never leave the place.

But, that’s not all. If being trapped is hard enough, you haven’t heard the worst thing that’s happening in there. Every night, people who are trapped must protect themselves from strange creatures who do not hesitate to kill. Season 1, which was released on February 20, 2022, shows how the characters survive as they try to find a way how to escape this hellish nightmare. However, we will be getting some answers to the origins of the town’s history as well as the creature’s origins in Season 2. As more people are being supernaturally brought to the town, it’s going to be a bloodbath and many will surely die. Will they ever escape?

The show stars Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Eion Bailey, Hannah Cheramy, and Simon Webster. In addition, From is created by John Griffin (Crater) and directed by Jack Bender (Lost, Game of Thrones). Both Griffin and Bender also join Jeff Pinkner as the show’s executive producers (Lost, Fringe, Alias).

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Why should you watch “From”?

If you love horror, mysteries, supernatural, and gore, then you need to see this series. There are 20 episodes in season 1 which will keep you entertained until the season finale. There are actually a million reasons, but, to further support our case, we’re giving you a list of reasons why you should watch From.

  1. As mentioned, if you are a horror fanatic, then From is really for you. Creepy, disturbing, horrifying, terrifying, or whatever you wanna call it, you got it here.
  2. If you are biased toward ratings, then From wouldn’t disappoint. It received a 7.6/10 score from IMDB, while it got a whopping 96% (Tomatometer) and 89% (Audience score) from Rotten Tomatoes. If that does not speak “great show”, then we do not know what does.
  3. For someone who loves a great survival series much like “Lost”, From is a perfect choice to watch next. The showrunners and producers of From happens to be also the people behind the hit thriller series of the 2000s, Lost.
  4. Surely, you are going to be hooked. From has already started pretty well and the story is also getting better. There is much more to come in the second season, but people are expecting that MGM+ does not cancel this series.
  5. Of course, there will be some plot holes, but as the show progress, you’ll find that From is an amazing binge-watch. Although it has mixed reviews, most of it is mainly positive.
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‘From’ will return for another horrifying season in season 2

Season 2 of From has already released a trailer and fans are spooked. While the origins of the strange creatures the trapped characters are facing may be unveiled in the upcoming season, the plot is getting heavier with more people coming to the mysterious town.

The original cast will be joined by Nathan D. Simmons, Kaelen Ohm, Angela Moore, AJ Simmons, and Deborah Grover. Season 2 will also be released on April 23, 2023, exclusively only on MGM+. Despite being an MGM+ original, you can still watch the first season on Amazon Prime Video, for free.

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