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From simulation video games like GTA and Madden NFL to slice-of-life video games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and My Time At Portia, video games seem to have dominated the world of entertainment and have become the chief source of pleasure and a platform for showcasing creativity and commendable analytical skills not only for teenagers but also for adults.

Are you someone who has a passion for esports and have the capability to spend hours and hours in front of the screen with nothing but a controller in your hand? If so, here are some fantastic gaming trivia that you should know as a gaming enthusiast.

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How did video games start gaining popularity during the early days?

The invention of video games can be traced back to as early as the mid-twentieth century. In the late1950s, scientists started creating the outline for simulation games on the newly invented minis and mainframes. One of the first such games was called Spacewar! Which was a creation of MIT students. In 1972, the first arcade video game, Pong, was created by a Physicist and was released into the market, subsequently becoming extremely popular among teenagers. By the mid-1970s, the popularity of arcade games and home consoles reached their peak.

Candy Crush Saga
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What is the most-played video game worldwide, and why is it so popular?

Although most people may expect either PUBG or Minecraft to be the most-played game in the world because of their seemingly-immeasurable popularity, the reality is not what it seems to be. With over 2.7 million downloads (as of 2017), Candy Crush: Saga is the most-played video game in the world. Now the main question that arises is- what makes Candy Crush the most played game?

Well, one of the main contributing factors to its worldwide popularity is the fact that it is free to download. Moreover, the game has exceptionally addictive pacing since players are essentially required to carry out the same set of actions level after level, with each level slightly different from the previous one, which makes all the difference. Apart from this, Candy Crush: Saga, unlike most modern video games, is relaxing in nature, and therefore it doesn’t require the player to over-exert themselves.

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Why are online lottery games experiencing a rise in popularity?

In the last few decades, online lottery games such as Pragmatic and IDN Poker have seen an unprecedented rise in their player count. One of the main contributing factors to their sudden surge in popularity is the obvious fact that these online lottery games allow players to earn a good amount of money from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, these games have been designed in a way that makes them addictive, like the physical lottery games, and, at the same time, they provide a number of facilities that the original lottery games cannot. In addition, licensed online lottery games are known to offer a large number of other facilities like exceptional customer services and support for the payment method of your choice.

Thunder Awaken TI11
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How do esports competitions take place?

One of the best ways to turn your passion for gaming into a high-paid profession is by participating in esports tournaments held worldwide. One can participate in such tournaments either by traveling to the designated sports arena or from the comfort of their home. A massive chunk of esports players’ money is earned through sponsorships and brand promotions.

Since esports are digital, the players can play a particular game for hours at a stretch, and this allows them to make a large revenue from the people’s streams. In fact, some fans get so invested in watching esports that they would go to the extent of flying to esports tournament arenas in order to watch their favorite games play.

Some of the games which are a part of the most significant international esports competitions like The International (TI) and CSGO World Championships are League of Legends, PUBG, and Call Of Duty.

How do video games contribute to research?

Ever since their creation, video games have played a significant role in the development of science and technology. Consequently, video games have made a lot of research contributions.

For newbies, the urge to develop the aiming industry is what led to the creation of revolutionary technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Moreover, the analytical data gathered from various types of video games have allowed scientists to learn more about the human psyche and how people respond differently to different forms of technology based on their nature.


If you were aware of all the aforementioned facts, then go ahead and crown yourself the King of Gaming Aficionados, and if not, then hey, at least you enjoyed yourself and were able to learn something new! After all, trivia is about learning something new every day and having the most fun.