Ganyu vs. Zhongli: Which Character is Better For You?

The second half of Genshin Impact’s 2.4 banners are coming up soon, and for those players who don’t have either of the featured units in their accounts, there’s a potentially difficult decision to be made. Both Ganyu and Zhongli are among the strongest and most useful characters in the game, and which one you want will depend both on your individual preferences, and what your account needs, or might be missing.

First, a quick discussion to help you decide based on individual preferences.

Everyone has different tastes, so if one of these two characters is someone that you have been diligently saving for, and you already know that you desperately want them or need them for your account, then you don’t need me to convince you otherwise. There may be some useful information to help you later on in the article, but if you’ve already made your mind up, you know what to do.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending your Primogems based on personal preference. Ganyu has always been adorable, and Zhongli isn’t the handsome CEO of Geo for no reason. Both of these characters have a huge following.

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If you happen to want both, and you only have the available Primogems for one of them, then just sit at the screen looking at pictures of both of them until one of them speaks to you. Metaphorically, I mean; if you hear either of them talking to you (and it isn’t idle dialogue), then perhaps it’s time to stop staring and do something else for a bit.


  • Even if she is somewhat replaceable sometime later in Genshin’s lifespan, she will almost certainly avoid obsolescence for the foreseeable future. Being able to be easily slotted in as a sub-DPS on freeze teams due to her massive cryo burst will keep her in the top tiers for a long time to come.
  • If your account needs an incredible DPS unit that can handle nearly every type of content in the game, or if you can use an exceptional cryo burst support, then Ganyu is a stellar and exceptionally useful pick for you.


  • On the other hand, some would say that Zhongli is the single most useful unit in the entire game, bar none. Why you might ask? Because he effectively turns the entire game into a carefree walk in the park. When built for HP, Zhongli’s shields are nigh-impregnable, allowing practically every character in the game to do their damage without a care in the world.

  • Lately, there has been some anti-shield tech from a few enemies, but this will likely pass with time, and Zhongli will continue to effectively block just about anything that anyone can throw at you.
  • His resistance shred is no joke either, allowing you to do more damage from your impenetrable tank suit that Zhongli provides. If you need someone who fits into virtually any team and trivializes nearly all content, then Rex Lapis himself is your man.

Hopefully, both of these factors will help to determine which character is best for you! 

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